You Can Now Pre-Order a Pyra


I have been a little busy recently, and I am a little late to report a certain number of news – but the great news that came over during the weekend was that the Dragonbox Pyra pre-orders have now started! Of course, as usual, the actual time to delivery is unknown at this stage, but the hardware is sufficiently close to readiness that ED has enough confidence to kick things off.

At this stage the pre-orders fall in two categories, as per ED’s post:

  • Prototypes from the very first production run. 18 units will be prepared, 10 will go to developers and the other 8 are available for sale. The price is steep for those, 1400 Euros. Note that all of these units will have 4G chips integrated.
  • For actual users/consumers, you can reserve one of the first 200 units to be produced. For now the voucher for such a reservation costs about 290 euros, but the actual price will obviously be higher than that in the end.

Ordering an early prototype (among the 8) is not going to be very meaningful anyway for most people, since the software will not be there at the time it’s available – it’s a lot more meaningful for the folks who intend to work on the Pyra early on.


The offer for pre-order is only temporary and will end on the 24th of October. At the time of writing there are only 61 units left to order among the 200, so the offer may actually run out of stock even before the deadline. [ Edit : (21 October 2015) The pre-order has run out of units at this stage. All 200 are gone ]

There will be another pre-ordering campaign after the first prototype run is done.

If this is the first time you hear about the Pyra, you may want to check the Pyra page to check out its specifications and up to date information about its design.

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The prototypes are sold out. If you want to get one of the first 200 units you should order soon.


I have been a bit busy lately and never knew pre orders started, really sad there was no mail shot to original Pandora owners telling them pre orders started… I would have reserved a spot in this batch without a blink 🙁


Highly doubt there would have been any issues in that as he could have just sent it to the mailing list of newsletter subscribers (it is still the same site + the same focus)

Anyways let’s look at the bright side, this way I will have a better chance in getting a more solid unit if any flaws were highlighted in the first batch 😉