Where in the World Are PandoraLive Readers?


You know what’s cool? One Million Dollars. You know what’s even better? The Pandora community, with its users spread over the face of the Earth. Since Pandoralive has been running for more than 3 months now, there’s enough data to get an idea where you guys are reading us from. That can also give you an idea of how active the Pandora community in your country may be. Let’s see…

No reverse order this time (if not, we would have to go through 190 countries and you wouldn’t need a sleeping pill tonight), so let’s start from the first to the last in the Top 10. Funny, I happen to have been to most of your countries. Small world, eh.

  1. US (21%): Well, hardly surprising. A large community, many gamers, many retro game fans. Note that among all the states, two are the largest source of readers: California (Silicon Valley, thanks Captain Obvious for pointing that out) and New York. Totally, dude.
  2. Germany (16%): Since it’s where the Pandora is produced and sold, it’s not a wonder to see a large following here as well. Note that the guys from North-Rhine Westphalia are especially numerous. Wie geht’s?
  3. UK (11%): Another country where the Pandora community bloomed and where many Pandora owners can be found. Along with Germany, the Amiga computer was hugely popular here. I don’t think it’s a coincidence… Lovely, darling.
  4. France (6%): Les fromages qui puent! (vous comprendrez la référence) Yes, my home country seems to provide a large following even though zis iz a blog in Angliche. Merci mesdames (?) et messieurs.
  5. Japan (5%): My second home country is, surprisingly, interested in the Pandora. I have seriously no idea why, and I confirmed it’s not all the traffic coming from my home. Can they read everything? Maybe. Anyway, いつもありがとうございます。
  6. Canada (4%): Beautiful landscape, and some PandoraLive followers as well! I’m not sure what I should say to our Canadian friends, since I have never been there but I’d definitely like to try Timbits and Scrunchins.
  7. Australia (3%): 66% of my commenters on PandoraLive come from there, says Dredd. Who knows. Anyway there’s a bunch of friendly folks from the boards residing there, and I have fond memories of my visits in Sydney, Gold Coast and surrounding islands. G’day, mates!
  8. Netherlands (3%): Ik spreek niet goed Nederlands, maar ik kan het verstaan. Was that even remotely correct? I took Dutch for a while since it was quite similar to German. Loved Amsterdam and Rotterdam, nice cities. Glad to see we have a couple of followers from there!
  9. Austria (2%): Isn’t that a great time to throw a “Gruss Gott“!? Well, too late, I said it, please forgive me. I’ve been to Vienna and Salzburg before, lovely cities to stay in. But it’s freezing cold in winter. Prefer summer if you visit!
  10. Russia (2%): I have never set foot in Russia but I have a couple of Russian friends, who are very nice and decent folks. And heavy drinkers, too. спасибо!!

I stopped at Top 10, but you can guess there are people from other countries following us once in a while. Hello to each and everyone of you, don’t feel bad if your country was not mentioned since I saw it anyway in my little map of the world.


Anyway. You may be interested to know that Chrome seems to be the browser of preference for many of you, followed closely by Firefox. Most of you seem to use Windows, but Linux has a third of Windows’ share among users. Not bad at all.

We all talk a lot about Pandora and games and all but we often forget we live in very different places and come from quite different cultures. It’s great to see we can all manage to exchange knowledge, tips, and have a good conversation just like if we were all neighbors.

You guys are awesome, and thanks for following PandoraLive! Feel free to leave some comments and tell us more about where you are from. And whether you know Pandora-loving folks in your area.

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Three is the magic number.

Hello, Hallo, Salut, Konnichi ha, Hoi, Servus, Privet, to all Pandorians

K Bex

Indiana. North Central

Steven Craft

Would be interesting to see a top ten list countries based on the percentage each countries population that visits the site (i.e. your current figures per country divided by each countries population).


Yeah, that would be interesting. “Per capita” findings would probably reveal that the UK and Germany would REALLY beat the U.S. there.


I guess that the numbers don’t lie, but I still am a bit surprised anyway. California (USA) is represented well in the Pandora community – nice to know. 😀

Keep up the great work, ekianjo!


What about the opposite? i wanna see if i am in the last 10 countries 🙂

Brett James

And thank you for writing about this fantastic console/device/doohickey 🙂


Austria for the Win. But we say “Grüß Gott”. But I guess in other countries you don’t have these letters…


Impressive that even adding up the percentages of those top 10 countries, the total doesn’t even reach 75%. Over on in four Pandorians is from an unusual location. Shows that in these days stuff can be truly global, unlike the old days when different countries would have different preferences for computers.