What You Guys Liked in April 2015

Alright, we have had quite a few articles in the past month, let’s look which ones got the most traction from readers… so that you know as well if you missed anything important or not!

Here goes for the April 2015 top 5:

5. Minecraft Running on Pandora

Not a new article per se, but I guess a number of external visitors who are not from the community ended up hitting that one, since it sounds fairly interesting. Note that PtitSeb is still constantly updating the Minecraft launcher for the Open Pandora.

4. Half Life Running on Pandora

I was part of the beta version that PtitSeb distributed for testing – and it was great to see that Half Life became a reality on Open Pandora. This is something that everyone had been waiting for, for a long, long time. Another Milestone!

3. The DragonBox Pyra is Nearing Completion

This article has hit the first page of Hacker News, and then the flow of visitors came. In case you missed it, this is all about the latest news from the boards and ED’s youtube channel, regarding the Pyra development status. Lots of pictures there, so it’s a good idea to check it out if you missed it.

2. Porting Half Life with Xash3D : Not Strictly Straightforward

PtitSeb has done a lot of excellent ports so far. Since the Half Life port is so special in many ways, it deserved its own article with technical details – even about the nasty bugs found during the porting process. Another article that made it to the first page of Hacker News.

1. My Days With the Pandora – rygD

It’s been a while we did not have such an article, and guess what? This was the most consulted piece in April! That one even made it again on Hacker News (no kidding, three articles in the same month is quite unusual) so this should bring some exposure to the outside world. rygD’s story is also fairly interesting and well written, it’s worth a read even if you already have a Pandora.

Stay tuned for more articles in May !

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