What the Pyra Should Look Like : Renders


As Evil Dragon (the leader of the Pyra handheld project) mentioned before, the case is more or less finished, and last week there was a final poll as well to decide the layout of the keyboard. While the layout will be tweaked further, those renders are pretty close to what the Pyra is supposed to look like later this year. [ Note, this article was updated again on July 30th with new content. ]

Without further due… here is what the unit, fully assembled, is supposed to look like. Note that, as far as we know, the final color shade is not fixed – so we may end up with something else than grey:


An improved render with better lighting:


As you can see the SD card ports are now asymetric, and the right side of the Pyra feels a little empty. The Pandora felt a little more balanced in that regard.

And finally here is a render with a focus on the keyboard. You can spot a layout that’s pretty close to being final, with specific functions for German and French characters. All in all it should be a nice improvement over the Pandora.


[ Update 30th of July ] Here is a new picture shared by ED featuring what the keyboard may look like once backlit, in the dark. The keyboard is now pretty much fixed unless there is an obvious flaw that was not caught before:


And the actual contents of the keyboard itself, in more details:


And that’s it for today… by the way ED has received some prototype boards for all aspects of the Pyra, and if they were to function without any hitch, you could see an actual Pandora prototype at the Gamescom this early August. [ Update 30th July 2015: actually the CPU board was not received yet and will not be completed on time by the vendor on time for the Gamescom. But a devboard linked to the prototype case equipped with a prototype screen seem to be doable. ]

In case you want to see an whole list of Pyra-related updates and released specifications, I would recommend you check the updated Pyra page.

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There’s a small mistake near the end of this post. It says that a Pandora prototype may be ready soon, but it was supposed to say a Pyra prototype. 🙂


“Without further due… ”
The phrase is “Without further ado…”

That aside, this was a nice summation of the recently tweeted news, thanks. 🙂



Thanks for the article…

For my 10c, do not make the keys shiny like the Pandora keys are!!!