The Moment You Realized How Awesome It is…


Recently there was an interesting post on the boards, focusing on a simple question: “what was the moment you realized how awesome the Pandora is?” If you are still wondering if you should get a Pandora, this may provide interesting insights about what makes the Pandora worth it. So here’s a quick repost.

I decided to split the different impressions in categories since it makes a little more sense this way. Note that this is just a selection of the whole list.


1. “Switching from playing Street Fighter III at full frame rate to editing my own portraits in Gimp for Baldur’s Gate 2, then playing as my new character. Yeah, I can’t think of any other device that would let me do all that, while sitting on a train.”

2. “The Pandora has now replaced my netbook as the go-to device for everyday tasks such as email, web surfing, etc.”


3. “For me was when someone released LibreOffice as a pnd.”

4. “For me, I started and finished one big presentation for about 300 audience on electrical engineering stuff while taking a 5hrs bus ride. Libre Office is awesome and better than MS office 2013.”


5. “For some reason for me it is when I first played Super Geometry Dust.”

6. “I had a bit of an awesome moment last night. I decided to finally try Widelands, and it’s working fairly well.”

7. “XCom. I had it on Amiga many years ago (all 11 discs!) and then on pc and PlayStation. But playing that game in the palm of my hands seemed to me exactly as it should be. Perfect.”


8. “…When i plugged my headphones in…”

9. “When I got my Samsung Galaxy Note II and found out I couldn’t run Audacious on it – then realized that all of the MP3 players for Android are junk and adware – then realized how much better the Pandora audio system really is compared to the audio system in what is supposed to be really really good phone.”


10. “For me, it was loading up Dosbox and playing Duke Nukem II perfectly emulated. Takes me back to the 90’s…”

11. “It was as my last (Pandora) wish became true: “Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy” playable on Pandora.”

12. “When AGA emulation got added to Uae4all, up to then I was really happy with my Pandora as a mini Amiga, but this showed the extra power that the little beast had been holding back on!”

13. “For me it was seeing PSX emulation running perfectly. The emulators for N900 (same SoC) ran slowly for years. The Pcsx I compiled for the 400mhz N810/N800 ran at 1-2 FPS.”

14. “Somewhere between SNES emulation and MAME4All it had my heart over a Dingoo A320 and my already departed GP2X, which I dumped for the A320.”

15. “Amiga 500 full speed in my pocket- The moment I realized how awesome Pandora is when I actually launched an AGA Amiga game.”


16. “Connecting to and debuging my arduino+GPS project over serial whilst standing in the middle of a field – and having 12 hours of battery life left over!”

17. “Every time I go to work or travel away for a few days and I don’t have to carry the charger.”

18. “When I charged my ‘smart’ phone (it eats battery like pac-man gobbles pills) and even had enough battery on the pandora to play some games.”


19. “When surprise fixes or features happen, normally by Notaz or Exophase…
O hai – I just fixed powersaving!
O hai – I managed to tweak wifi so it doesn’t suck
O hai – I just made a double resolution renderer for PSX

etc etc this is what makes the Pandora awesome, the endevouvers of the talented individuals that exist in the community!”

Truly a great list that captures many of the Pandora strengths. That’s no marketing speech, that’s just the user experience speaking out loud.

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For me it was a couple years before I even got the device. I’ve always liked hand–held computing and this one was not only designed to be open-source from the beginning (as apposed to hacked to have linux on it) it had a full QWERTY keyboard, fantastic battery, and (as a bonus) game controls. I would like to say I do more playing on my Pandora than work but that’s just not the case. This device is very useful.


For me it was playing some of my old favorite PC games which hadn’t been emulated by other consoles (at least as well), such as Baldurs Gate 1 & 2 and Warcraft 2. I like that we’re seeing even more recent games being ported – great community!


When I realized it has so many unique and desirable features!
as listed here: