Weekly/Monthly Software News July 7th to 27th 2014


Hey, not only you guys have the Right to get some time off! I did not feel there were too many updates in the repo in the past couple of weeks so I skipped a couple of weeks… actually three weeks worth of updates! Let’s see what you guys have missed in case you were away…

Updates (23)

  • QMMP: now with fixed opus support to convert media formats.
  • Comix: Comix did not work anymore following the last firmware update, but now this update fixes things and make this excellent comics viewer functional again.
  • PNDConfig:  not sure what this new version brings…
  • Cannonball: PtitSeb improved the Texture Streaming function for GLES mode.
  • Oolite: now using the latest glshim, and key bindings have been improved as well.
  • Battle for Wesnoth: updated to the latest sources.
  • ZDoom: added mp3 plugin for Gstreamer, added the EDGE engine, and the latest glshim to speed things up.
  • JCloisterZone: latest git source update, with many UI changes, and Pandora specific controls added. Performance is better as well than before.
  • Cataclysm Roguelike: removed Dark Days Ahead to make it into its own PND. yeah, that’s it!
  • Cataclysm : Dark Days Ahead:  now in its own PND, with a revised launch script.
  • Tales of Maj’Eyal: now with fixed text-related issues.
  • Qpdfview: latest stable release with new features and fixes.
  • QTractor: now with updated Infamous 0.0.20, ZamAudio 2.1 and DISTRHO 2014-07-16 LV2 plugins.
  • Jumpman: now with latest glshim, and working saves. Excellent game as usual!
  • Stepmania: the lunixbochs port that started it all is back, now using the latest glshim. Great stuff.
  • Deadbeef: in synch with the latest git sources.
  • Maniadrive: updated with the latest glshim and added the server function in the PND.
  • Squared: This update now included animations! Well done Gandi !
  • Retroradio: this update is kind of a downgrade since Kickass came back to using Zenity scripts for the menus instead of Radiotray. But it still works fine!
  • FileZilla:  updated to the latest sources.
  • PPSSPP: this is the 0.99 version, very close to the stable release. There’s not much in terms of performance improvement to expect here, but several compatibility issues have been fixed, and PtitSeb has included some shaders improvements as well (again, should not results in better speed, but less visual artifacts). Note that the NEON code planned in PPSSPP is still not included so that may be where we can expect some performance increase in the near future for the Pandora.
  • Syncthing: not sure what the update was about this time…
  • Hase Prototype 2: this game has now become more like a Worms game with gravitation included. Interesting concept, we hope to see more of this…

New Releases (9)

  • Smashmeter: records all your buttons presses… not sure how useful this is!
  • pmContact: a contact manager with encryption function – note that it required the Mono PND.
  • MyMan: a video game a la Pacman, 70s monochrome monitors style.
  • Netrock: a super Mario kind of game, using SDL.
  • Hammerwatch:  this is basically a launcher for the Hammerwatch data files you can get on GOG (or Steam). Note that you need to create a swap file before trying to play the game, and that the performance drops significantly in Level 3 (and PtitSeb is still investigating the matter). Otherwise, impressive game for the Pandora!
  • Live System Info: Notaz has released a small tool to display information about the current power consumption, CPU and RAM usage and more, at all times on the screen – which can be used for benchmarking even in games.
  • Space Trader: a game that reminds me of Dope Wars but in space with stuff to move around planets.
  • gpsd package: this implements some basic GPS support
  • Minecraft launcher:  I mentioned it a couple of days ago, this is quite big and this uses again glshim. Performance is still so-so, but it’s very impressive to be able to run the desktop Minecraft edition on a portable machine. Well done PtitSeb !

That’s it! Tons of updates as you can see, and quite a few good releases… Don’t forget by the way that ED has started the preorders for the Aluminium cases, and that 100 preorders are required before the production can even occur! If you want to support that project the time is now!

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I did not feel there were too many updates in the repo in the past couple of weeks so I skipped a couple of weeks…

In fact there were as much updates as always if you take the average, which means 8 Updates and 3 new release per week. 😉 (Not included updates of new releases in this three weeks or updates of updates).