Weekly/Monthly Software News July 28th to August 17th 2014


Not a ton of updates in the past couple of weeks, hence the reduced frequency. And it’s summer and high temperatures make me a little lazy. Note that we get a new Firefox version which is not half-bad, Flappy Bird finally on Pandora, a cool version of Quake with filter effects, and more. All in all, a lot of stuff worth checking out!

Updates (19)

  • QMMP: latest stable version release. Thanks Canseco!
  • GFMTSERFGJ: Undexsym released a new version of his robot fighting game, making it a little easier, and improving performance at the same time. He fixed key bindings as well. Note that he is also working on a new 3D game that looks awesome (I had a quick demo of it).
  • Luppp: new upstream changes.
  • PanPlayer2 Zoom Edition: not sure what changed in this latest version.
  • Qpdfview: latest stable release, with new lib-poppler lib and fixing a critical bug. Update recommended.
  • MPS: updated to latest sources.
  • A7Xpg: MH-T fixed in crash in stage 14 if you were lucky enough to even reach that stage 🙂
  • Firefox: The version 31 is out, and I strongly recommend you delete your appdata/hdonk_firefox folder if you upgrade from a previous version. Otherwise it will be very sluggish. It’s the not worst Firefox version, while it’s slower than 28 in my opinion.
  • Squared: I wrote a couple of days back about 2048 and Squared. In the meantime this version includes more animations in-game than before.
  • Stunts Freeware: this update should resolve sound problems if you had any.
  • Code:Blocks: PtitSeb has released his latest Code:Blocks devkit, with many libs included and now weighing 1.6 Gb !! It also updates GCC to 4.9.1 which is one of the latest versions out there. A great update if you want to compile stuff for your Pandora.
  • Gyazo: not sure what the update is about… maybe upstream version ?
  • Albion: now with enhanced 3D rendering, and proper Fn key support using notaz’s SDL.
  • UAE4All: TomB has been actively at work to bring more updates to this excellent Amiga emulator. Many bug fixes and a fresh new compilation with a newer GCC made it much faster, it seems.
  • Rescue: now with reduced sexism ! haha 🙂
  • Smashmeter: updated, but not sure what changed.
  • gpsd package: this update adds some LED indicators among other things.
  • Syncthing: another upstream update. Strangely enough, the PND does not work for me. I’ll have to check if it’s not linked to the new firmware.
  • Hase Prototype 2: this game has now become more like a Worms game with gravitation included – the development still goes on. AI is now smarter in this newer version.

New Releases (8)

  • Flappy Bird: a clone of Flappy Bird I ported to the Pandora. You can see more details about how I modified the original code in a recent article. It supports C4A so the online competition rages on !
  • Zbarcam: A software to read bar codes automatically and copy the relevant number in the clipboard, provided you attach the pandora to a webcam. It works with QR codes as well, apparently.
  • Voxelands: A fork of Minetest_classic, which was originally an open source clone of Minecraft. Some of the original authors of Minetest wanted to go in a different direction and made Voxelands. This port uses glshim.
  • Pixel Artist 2: a tile shifting game.
  • ChipMachine: a tool to get chip music from online source and play them directly on your Pandora. Careful, some chiptunes can be very memory hungry.
  • Basilisk II: Wally finally woke up from his hibernation and released this excellent 68k Mac Emulator for the Pandora. With it you can run ancient software, or better, ancient games that happen to run great with it 🙂
  • NPRQuake: another Quake engine port, but this one includes some very cool “hand drawn” filter effects that completely change the feeling of the game. It can be very CPU intensive, however.
  • Orbital Eunuchs Sniper: as the game’s title says, you target Eunuchs from an orbital range… and zoom to fire. This is apparently an older game finally converted for the Pandora.

Don’t forget to see the latest article about the GamesCom since the Pyra was shown again there a couple of days ago, with Reicast running Dreamcast emulation full speed!

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Ingo Reis
Ingo Reis

Huhu 🙂

Little Additions 🙂
Stunts was a complete ReRelease without Stunts itself,
please having a Wlan Connection when you start PND first Time.

And PanPlayer2Zoom Editdion support now much much more VideoFormats
and added Audio Format Function.(no Audio Function before)
Video Formats=:
Audio Formats:
flac,ogm,ogg,ac3,mp3,aac,wma,mp2,pcm,wav,rm,pls,alac,amr,dts ….and others

Greetings from me and thx for your hard work for the Pandora Community with this Site 😉


Technically Hase is no Prototype anymore. 🙂