Weekly Software News – April 15 to 21


Peace at least! This is the first time in like 2 months that I can finally enjoy a much deserved break. Finally there weren’t a ton of updates and new releases during the week. I guess everyone was tired or playing games, or went on a trip somewhere at the same time. Anyway, it was relatively quiet, while you still get some obligatory updates. Let’s see this in more details.

Software Updates (8)

  • Pandafe: minor update. If you are not familiar with Pandafe, it’s a multipurpose launcher for emulator games. It makes it possible to use a single interface to launch all your games from different emulators. Very practical if you switch between emulators and games often.
  • PPSSPP: minor update in line with the latest git repository.
  • OpenTyrian: minor update to adjust the way the online score was generated, in order to get something a bit more fair, it seems.
  • Arora: minor update, with PtitSeb fighting to remove the certificates warning. It does seem to be better in this lastest version.
  • Erebus: minor update in sync the git repo.
  • SunVox: minor update to the lastest version for this music sequencer.
  • YTDownloader: minor update I guess, but I recently added playlist support for youtube and support for vimeo videos download as well. From the feedback of users it seems to work OK.
  • Compo4All MAME: minor update but many improvements in the GUI to be able to sort your games and all. Very much recommended for everyone to update.

New Releases (3)

  • Jagged Alliance 2 – Stracciatella: a new PND for Jagged Alliance  2 which was already available before but this time it adds several languages support, as well as fixes several issues from the wallnut version.
  • BORG Calendar: BORG is an excellent tool for calendar and task tracking. It’s a Java app but it surely fills a void in the current software library. While it has many great functions, some of the windows are unfortunately not well adapted to the Pandora, which makes it a little troublesome to use. We’ll need a specific version 🙂
  • CoolReader: a new ebook reader to compete with FBreader, already on the Pandora. You better try both if you are interested to pick up one.
Official Reviews (1)

Why not talk about official reviews of the Pandora? I am kicking this off in this week as we expect to have a couple of reviews from different bloggers or magazines now and then, and it’s always good to keep track of what people say about it. This week I would recommend you to check dedoimedo’s review of the Pandora (part 1 for now) since he is a very popular blogger in the Linux world. He usually reviews Linux distros and Linux games, not really hardware.

Dedoimedo’s review of the 1Ghz.

His review is going to last for several weeks as he further explores what the machine is capable of doing. Here’s a little extract of his review:

The little device is fairly nifty and easy to use, and more intuitive than one would expect, just by looking at its hybrid keyboard, which might appear a little daunting. Then, you start using it like a game console, and the nubs become your buttons, and things click into place. You slowly begin to unravel the wonders of Xfce, various emulators and the Android mod, and you begin fiddling with the software and tools, while using a curious multi-dimensional blend of classic keyboard, mouse and touch.

And that’s it for this week. We’ll see if the slow tide continues or if the tsunami of releases and updates comes back in a couple of days!

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