Weekly Software News 24th Feb to 2nd March 2014


Already in March ! Yesterday I was in Kyoto, showing a friend around the old city, and I could not really use my Pandora for the whole day. On the way back, I ended up trying a number of Flash games with the recently released Flashenv and it was quite fun to see what would run well and what would not. In the past week there were several important releases, such as the newer and better version of LibreOffice, a refined PNDManager, an excellent new feature added to DosBox EX Ultimate, and more, much more. Don’t miss out!

Updates (11)

  • Sunvox: simply described as “updated version”, so I am assuming it refers to the latest sources.
  • Widelands: updated to the latest sources.
  • Battle for Wesnoth: this one also updated to the latest sources! By the way the glitches on the mini-map are still apparently present.
  • Snowman Reloaded: a new version fixing an apparently serious crash in certain situations.
  • LibreOffice: A new build of LO released for the first anniversary of Pandoralive! Thanks PtitSeb. You get a lot of new features, a revised and size-adjustable GUI, and dictionaries included in this build! Works very well.
  • PNDManager: Bzar finally released a new version of this famous PND manager. It includes numerous fixes, a polished GUI (in the details) as well as space checks before downloading anything.
  • Pinta: an update that actually appears as a new release since PtitSeb did not realize an older version had already been ported by Sebt3. But it’s all good news since this version is based on a new build of Mono, which is actually needed to run this port. See in New Releases below.
  • Reicast: a new version of this Dreamcast emulator which apparently improves compatibiity, while it has been reported that Frameskip does not work as well as before.
  • DosBox EX Ultimate: One of the main new features of this update is to bring a Dos Games downloader, appearing as a separate application in the xfce menu. It enables one-click kind of installs for freeware/demos of DOS Games which are then directly available in DosBox EX Ultimate. This is a truly excellent feature and anyone can participate and create install files for that downloader.
  • LMMS: this time this update is the first release candidate, based on the latest git sources. Note that LMMS is really a good tool if you want to create music on any Linux machine.
  • Wake-up Alarm: this update does not bring tons of new features, but adds an interesting aspect: you do not need to insert your admin password anymore, apparently, in order to change the alarm time. I’ll check how this was done so that I can maybe integrate this in Pandora Clock.

New Releases (4)

  • Doom64 EX : A remake of the engine used in Doom 64 for the Nintendo 64. Running very well as long as you have the original rom. I have not given a shot at it yet, but many boards members apparently think it’s one of the best Doom versions out there.
  • Stunts Freeware: The old PC Game Stunts (also known as 4D Sports Driving) packaged with Qemu to run directly on the Pandora. Note that it includes as well levels made by TrashyMG when he was a teenager. I, too, remember making tracks for this game in the past and having a lot of fun with it.
  • Sonic Visualizer: Another audio tool ported by Canseco to view and analyse the contents of audio files.
  • Mono Runtime: Just like for the Wxpython PND, PtitSeb has released a PND which purpose is to have other PND use it to run certain frameworks. In this case this is a port of Mono, used to run .NET applications on Linux.
  • QmidiNet: Canseco continues his relentless work of porting and optimizing audio apps for the Pandora, and the latest in the list is QmidiNet, which can send a receive MIDI data over the UDP/IP network. Not sure what use cases there are out there for this software, but I’d certainly like to hear from Canseco 🙂

Alive and Kicking Coding Competition

Just a short reminder that the deadlines for the votes are approaching very, VERY soon.

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As soon as competition ends, i will update QjackCtl with a new feature to connect any midi device, via a2jmidid.

New post coming soon, 😉