Weekly Software News Dec 9th to 15th


Lots of news this week, lots of crappy games as well (thanks to the Crap Game Compo!). More seriously, another fantastic week for the Pandora repo, with Firefox 26 as a guest star, and the first few entries for the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition. I believe the upcoming few weeks are going to be busy with projects, be it games or applications. In the meantime, enjoy the news.

Software Updates (14)

  • Bitcoin: the official Bitcoin client is updated. You can use it to mine bitcoins (but don’t do it, it’s useless at this stage), and more importantly to use Bitcoin for payments with your own wallet.
  • Litecoin: for the price of one you get three cryptocurrencies clients update, this time with Litecoin also known as LTC. It’s far from being as popular as Bitcoin, but it’s the second most popular option at least.
  • Terracoin: and here’s the Terracoin client. Not sure why you would want to use that one over the others, though.
  • DosBox EX Ultimate: another update for this excellent DosBox GUI.
  • OpenTTD: a little fix for the stylus offset issue.
  • MhwaveEdit : this update was recompiled from sources, and has pandora settings included by default. You need to enable mic recording in XFCE though, at first. Once you’re done, you have an excellent audio recorder in your hands.
  • a crappy game gets an update for the Crap Game Compo 🙂 It’s Hase.
  • Luppp: a live performance tool. Yeah, another mysterious audio tool.
  • NoteCasePro: this note manager gets an update, but not sure what this update does… More info in the PND would be valuable.
  • Firefox: another superb release from hdonk, with version 26. It’s faster than ever on Pandora and it feels very smooth compared to version 24. Upgrade recommended!
  • Cannonball, a new entry for the Alive and Kicking Competition in the “Significant improvement” category, this version now included a better frameskip function to ensure it runs smoothly across all Pandoras.
  • Wagic: now updated to the latest sources. I’ll have to check if this new version works on my Pandora this time…
  • Metroid-Classic: updated with a couple of fixes, you better upgrade.
  • SparrowC4A Manager: this C4A manager has been updated, but without additional info, I cannot recommend to upgrade, sorry guys… 🙂

New Releases (9)

  • Trebuchet: a MU*/MOO client, and no, this has nothing to do with cows.
  • Releases for the Crap Game Competition : qb, Crapcopter, Blob
  • Gyazo: an automatic screenshot sharing service: select the part of the screen you want to capture and share, and one click later you get a link to the image online, to share with your friends.
  • Qucs: a new entry for the Alive and Kicking Competition in the “New Pandora Use” category, this one is a circuit simulator.
  • LayOut: part of the Cannonball entry mentioned above for the Alive and Kicking competiton, here you get a whole tool to create custom levels for Cannonball.
  • Metro-Cross: a remake from the game with the same name on Atari ST. Will support C4A soon.
  • Order of Twilight: another game by StabYourself based on their LOVE engine (ported by PtitSeb in the first place).

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“SparrowC4A Manager: this C4A manager has been updated, but without additional info, I cannot recommend to upgrade, sorry guys… ”

I even answered you on the same day (!) in the comment section, where you asked for the changes. If you don’t read these answers, please stop spamming the comment section of my applications. However, why do you recommend specific applications? Upgrades are cool. Almost always. Would be better, if you would advice against upgrades for some applications, e.g. if a emulator gets speed increase, but looses some campatibility…