Weekly Software News September 9th to 15th


After the relative quietness of last week, we get a storm of updates and releases in this week ! How appropriate since yesterday we were just hit by a violent typhoon in Japan. No damages but it was very very windy and tons of rain poured from the skies. You don’t get to see that very often.

Software Updates (10)

  • PPSSPP: PtitSeb has brought the latest version of PPSSPP to the Pandora and I must admit I could not try it yet. Some say it’s a little bit faster, but I’m not sure.
  • Java Runtime: on top of the runtime we now get Javac included to compile Java programs directly on the Pandora. Nice!
  • DraStic Wiki Helper: this tool to make it easier to report compatibility for DS games using DraStic has now region code input included, as well as a number of other fixes.
  • PuzzleTube: now with C4A support!
  • AuralQuiz: updated, but not sure what changed…
  • Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard: updated work on .next OS. No need to update unless you run .next.
  • Transmission-qt: this torrent downloader manager has been updated to work for .next OS as well. No need to update unless you really want to.
  • Qupzilla: the “best” browser on the Pandora was updated to the latest sources, and on top of that we get English language by default now. Great!
  • Firefox: hdonk is back with a new version of Firefox, the 23rd ! I just started playing around with it and it does feel a little faster than before. A good idea to upgrade!
  • Sparrow C4A Manager: this standalone manager has been updated. As far as I understand it now has impleted viewing mode for past months records.

New Releases (2)

  • Osmo: a full featured PIM (including calendar, to-do list, etc…) ported from Debian binaries. The only problem is that its windows are sometimes too big for the Pandora, and it writes on the NAND.
  • Gunroar: another excellent shoot’em up by Kenta Cho, ported by MH-T! In this one you control a boat to fight on the waters against other evil boats. It uses both sticks for moving and shooting. Excellent fit for the Pandora. By the way if you like the games from Kenta Cho, don’t forget we had an interview with him a couple of days ago.

As you can see this week was poor in terms of new releases. Don’t blame me ok !

I’ll be on my way to the TGS later this week so there may not be a huge activity on Pandoralive in the next few days. Unless I get some contributions in the meantime 🙂

Have a great time everyone!

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