Weekly Software News September 30th to October 6th 2014


There are many updates this week, but this is mainly linked to the release of the new Fusilli client for C4A competition (which is pretty cool by the way!). There’s been a lack of new releases though, but hey, as the weather grows colder we will probably see more news coming up as people will go out less?

Updates (9)

        • Not Pacman: this time the C4A support is insured by the Fusilli client from Ziz. You can play offline and your highscores will be uploaded next time you go online with the game. A pretty cool feature! A good time since Not Pacman is one of the 3 games of the current monthly C4A competition !
        • Not Tetris: same thing here, C4A supported via Fusilli with the same set of features.
        • Cannonball: same here, Fusilli-enabled support.
        • Mini Slug project: same here, Fusilli client included. Note that this is one of the games of this month’s C4A competition!
        • Sparrow C4A Manager: with this client you can now submit cached scores for specific games using C4A.
        • Scribble: now the run instructions display at start.
        • Trosh: C4A support is now insured by the new Fusilli client by Ziz, supporting offline play and cached scoring upload.
        • Hase: this update includes better default values for new levels and some other improvements.
        • TTYter: this command line Twitter client has been updated to fix the ca certificates issue, but as far as I know it still does not work. Too bad.

New Releases (2)

            • Wordsmith: a GUI-based Scrabble game.
            • Domination: a RISK-like game (newer version is in Java, though, and it’s not this one).

Don’t forget that PandoraLive is C4A competition on october is going on! It’s time to compete! And if you have 10 minutes of free time and have not done so, please try to answer the Big Pandora Community Survey !

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