Weekly Software News September 2nd to 8th


What’s wrong guys? No more updates/releases in the repo ? It seems like September has caught the Pandora community unaware. It’s possible many people are returning back to work/school at this time, so it’s hardly surprising. Oh, I won’t complain, for once I get a little less work…

Software Updates (6)

  • Ura Kaiten Patissier: no change here, just an update of the screenshots included in the PND. You can pass on that.
  • WispLisp Array of List: fixed start script. You probably should update.
  • Race Into Space: an important rebuild by PtitSeb, to fix several gameplay issues and crashes. You need this update if you intend to play this game!
  • Compo4All MAME: this update from Skeezix should make it much faster to sync your scores with the server. Highly recommended, especially if you had connection issues in the past.
  • ownCloud Sync: update to the latest sources. Good idea to update if you are a frequent user.
  • Master Control: not sure what changed in this past version, but I’d expect a few fixes. If I were you I would update.

New Releases (4)

  • Code::Blocks: PtitSeb’s way to celebrate his one year of making PNDs! This huge update to code::blocks is… heavy. You get tons of new libraries, the latest GCC for compilation, in other words you get the very same tools that PtitSeb is using to make his best ports. You don’t get his brain, and that’s unfortunate, but you can learn. Note that you probably need a very good connection to download this, since it’s 1355 Mb.
  • DraStic WIki Helper: I have not tried this one yet, but it’s a little script that will ask you to rate some compatibility aspects of the games you just played on DraStic, and produce a wiki text file that you can directly integrate on the pandora wiki to report your compatibility evaluation. This should save time!
  • Java Screenshot: a very simple screen capture program. It copies the screenshots taken on disk as well as in the clipboard.
  • CrypPic: a tool to encrypt and decrypt pictures with a password, to enhance your privacy when sharing. Protected pictures will appear as a mash of pixels.

I can also tell you that there’s a little emulator coming up soon that should make many of you happy. PtitSeb has been recompiling Mupen2, and while he still needs to work on it, it’s already running way better than the current Mupen we have on the repo. Many games run full speed (on a 1Ghz unit), and I have great expectations for it.

That’s it for now! Have a nice week.

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cool – thanks for the update.
codeblocks is I guess the most important PND for me
mupen2 is sounding good 🙂