Weekly Software News September 23rd to 29th


This past week has been RATHER quiet which is good for me as I have a lot of catchup to do and I am recently playing with the latest Firefox version on Pandora which is some good fun altogether. This will be for an upcoming article, while PtitSeb is still fighting with Mupen to get the best out of it before an official release…

Software Updates (6):

  • Picodrive: notaz fixed many things related to CD games and implemented 32X+CD emulation. ‘t was about time! 🙂
  • Pandora System Info: this very useful tool is now able to change CPU speed and toggle wifi without the need of any root password, and there’s a bunch of fixes as well.
  • PNDManager: fixes in the repository interface.
  • Erebus: a hack and slash with another update from PtitSeb who needed a break from Mupen for a while.
  • Dune Dynasty: an update to the latest sources (thanks PtitSeb for acting so fast on my request!)
  • RickyD: this reboot of RIck Dangerous has now many updates to the Rick2 levels. Note that it does not seem to work on non-default driver. Shit. That’s my case.

New Releases (6):

  • Walkway: a small puzzle game where you have to connect different nodes together.
  • Netnuclear: a remake of an old Amiga game where you play a dangerous game between nuclear powers around the world…
  • Gish: this famous indie game can now run on Pandora! Of course you need the data files to play this. If you got the first Humble Bundle you probably have it.
  • QJackCtl: QjackCtl is a simple Qt application to control the JACK sound server (http://jackaudio.org), for the Linux Audio infrastructure. Yep, that’s a description straight from the repo. I can’t hide it.
  • QTractor: No, this is not a tractor simulation written in Qt, but.. “an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer application written in C++ with the Qt4 framework”. That should be useful to create music, I guess.
  • SQLStudio: a cool tool to view and edit SQL databases directly on your Pandora. It’s been a little while we hadn’t seen MarkW, glad to see something back from him.

6 software updates.. 6 new releases…



OH MY GOD… is that THE SECRET CODE to finish it all ?

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