Weekly Software News September 1st to 14th 2014


I missed last week’s update, because there was not much new at the time, to be honest, so I have decided to skip a week altogether. Now, thanks to PtitSeb and many others, there was a lot more activity in the second week and therefore you get a more sizable amount of updates!

Updates (16)

  • Syncthing: another upstream update! Yup.
  • Flappy Bird: the impossible levels have been fixed now, and there’s additional polish added in the game (fade-in and out effects).
  • Hase: now with an option to rotate the bunny instead of the level, and improved particle effects.
  • The Babylon Project: this update fixes an error that was apparently in the previous version… if you still get issues please report them to PtitSeb.
  • Genius Math tool: not sure what the update is about…
  • Puzzletube: this update include some additional support for C4A.
  • OpenTTD: update to the latest stable release.
  • Transmission: an old version of Transmission running with GTK2, built with lightweight memory footprint to run better with CC Pandoras.
  • Tor Router: latest stable release, with added menu and tools from dimag0g, who always tends to go the extra mile for his ports. Thanks a lot!
  • PIV: it’s been a long time since we did not see an update for this but _wb_ finally let go of his dutch porn novel for a while to provide us with this update. We get a number of bug fixes, additional archive support, and flickr upload functionality. Yoohoo!
  • Snowman reloaded: a new update with better C4A support, apparently.
  • The Tube: apparently this update makes Youtube researches a little faster, and it seems like the TV-out is working again, if I can trust the repo comments.
  • X-COM, UFO Defense, and Terror from the Deep, which were both statistically recompiled to run on Pandora a long time ago by M-HT, have now been updated with a minor change in the PND information. Yeah, that’s it.
  • Valyria Tear: wow, this game has changed a lot since the first versions. It looks better and better, and now is probably close to being like a real RPG.
  • Zbarcam: this update now ensure the application cleanly unmounts when you quit.

New Releases (5)

  • Tile Massacre SHMUP: two games in one, where you first have to destroy blocks coming at you, then avoid skeletons coming from the level created by the blocks you shot down.
  • Journey to the Center of Hawkthorne: another Love game ported by PtitSeb, based on Community’s Digital Estate Planning episode. It’s a 2d platformer.
  • MotoGP: a true Free Game (in the FOSS meaning of the world) where you drive a bike in a top down view, 2D style, with weather effects and all.
  • Berusky 2: a 3D puzzler, with pretty nice graphics.
  • OMF-2097: a remake of an old DOS game when you fight between robots which are as tall as buildings. Godzilla would look ridiculous.

Don’t forget that PandoraLive is now organizing a C4A competition on 3 games from the repo, during September, it’s a great time to get your Pandora out, get online and compete!

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