Weekly Software News September 16th to 22nd


This past week I was at the TGS in Tokyo and as you can guess with all the preparations and excitement around the show I did not have much time to work on anything else. You’ll see very soon a full article on the TGS (ok, it’s not Pandora-related, but bear with me) and in the meantime here’s the weekly repo update!

Software Updates (16)

  • Trojita: updated to the latest sources, this is an IMAP client you should check out if you don’t like using ClawsMail for your email needs. Note that the port is still not perfect and there are a few issues to fix…
  • Hackerbooks: another application I updated to include a couple more books, like “Open Government” from O’Reilly which was made freely available. You get also books on the Forth programming language with this update.
  • Widelands: updated to the latest sources! Thanks to Canseco for the ongoing support!
  • OpenXcom: updated to the latest sources as well.
  • SoX: this audio converter gets some bug fixes as well as compatibility with .next OS.
  • BitFighter: external gamepads should now be working.
  • NoteCasePro: updated to latest sources, I guess ? No version information in the repo…
  • FreeCiv: this clone of Civilization gets a new stable release.
  • DraStic: this fantastic DS emulator has been upgraded with many compatibility fixes. It’s still not perfect but it’s getting there. Update recommended.
  • CorsixTH: this Theme Hospital clone gets a serious update with several modifications that should make it run smoothly on your Pandora. Note that you need the original game files.
  • QComicBook: nothing much to see in this update, just a category change!
  • qpdfview: same treatment here, just a category modification.
  • dreamchess: a few fixes. Good idea to upgrade!
  • PandaBAS: many new features for this specific Basic interpreter. I’d really like to see a game made with it, though, to better understand how capable this is!
  • Gambatte: numerous fixes for config, saved games. You should definitely upgrade!
  • DosBox EX: many fixes and a whole new GUI to use with this DosBox version from Commanderbeef. Apparently it should make PC games easier to run and configure. I have not tried it yet!

Sadly, there were no new releases this week. However there was something else…

Official Reviews (1)

That’s it for this week. Many updates but no new software releases. No doubt we should see very soon Mupen2.0 coming out soon! Go PtitSeb!

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