Weekly Software News September 15th to 29th 2014


I have adjusted the timing of this update again, since last week there was not much to talk about. Just yesterday there was a bunch of repo updates, so I thought this second week since the last update was a good time to come back on the recent activity. Note that I have not been super active on PandoraLive recently because I’m working on something I will share with you guys soon…

Updates (9)

  • Live System Info: adds temperature measurements (if you have the latest firmware).
  • Flappy Bird: now running at 60 FPS !
  • Not Pacman: this time with C4A support!
  • Minetest: it will not appear as an update since it’s a new build, but basically this is the latest version of this Minecraft clone. It should support mods, by the way.
  • Sparrow C4A Manager: Bug fix that was making the GCW version crash.
  • Pandora System Info: back with some nice additions and fixes, such as CPU top processes displays, and temperature information, following Notaz’s addition.
  • Squared: Now with a nice game over animation. C4A support should be coming soon too.
  • Pidgin: updated to latest 2.9 version.
  • Trebuchet: this MU/MOO client is updated, but not sure what the update is about…
  • Transmission: now adapted to work for the Pandora Screen. Note this is still an old version of Transmission.

New Releases (9)

  • Colem: a Colecovision emulator, ported by ED himself this time!
  • TTYter: a command line Twitter client. You need to install some system packages before using it, though.
  • ZGV: a fast image viewer, that is also capable of displaying animated GIFs.
  • Mediathekview: this tool provides you with information about the Public TV channels schedules in Germany.
  • Scribble: Scrabble on the command line. It’s an interesting concept since it’s something where you’d think a GUI would be pretty much needed…
  • TetriCrisis: another Tetris clone, with up to 4 simultaneous players (1 human vs 3 CPUs).
  • Trosh: another Love Engine game ported by PtitSeb. It has C4A support integrated.
  • Conquer: a Python/SDL (pygame) open source clone of Sean O’Connor’s Slay
  • OpenHexagon: an open source clone of Super Hexagon, the reflex-based game.

Don’t forget that PandoraLive is now organizing a C4A competition on 3 games from the repo, during September, you only have today left to make a difference !

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