Weekly Software News Sept. 30th to Oct. 6th


This week has seen a regain of activity versus the past 2-3 weeks where there was not much happening apart from updates. As I was suggesting on the boards a couple of days ago, it may be a good idea to launch a new coding competition since it’s been proven that in the past it was working well to motivate people to finish their ongoing projects and release them.

Software Updates (9)

  • LMMS: this music creation tool gets a new update with full jack support and fixes for plugins (zynaddsubfx).
  • Firefox: version 24 is out thanks to the magic of hdonk. This time it’s again a little faster than the 23rd version, so all is good. It still takes a lot of time to startup, but once you’re in, it runs quite well. Note that I just wrote an article about recommended extensions to use on Pandora. Have a look.
  • Tumiki Fighters: this excellent port of the original Kenta Cho‘s game has been improved with C4A support, to compete for the best scores online! Another reason to play this game.
  • QTractor: this Midi sequencer now features additional plugins.
  • PNDManager: a couple of crashes have been fixed. Recommended update as usual!
  • Milkyhelper: this other PND repository manager seems to get many updates recently. It’s not as “visual” as PNDManager so you may want to give it a go if you care about doing stuff fast.
  • PPSSPP: a new build from the recent sources. This time it seems to work better with non-default drivers. Please test and report back to ptitSeb !
  • Enemy Territory Legacy: updated to the latest sources, and now the Pandora is a recognized platform and you can connect to etlegacy servers!
  • TV-Browser: a java app which lets you check what TV programs are available in your country (supports Europe, US and Australia so far). I don’t watch TV much anymore, but I guess some people do so it may be useful for them.

New Releases (5)

  • gThumb: this is a picture viewer popular in many distributions out there, and ptitSeb just ported it. This being said, it crashes for me when browsing folders of pictures, so maybe this is not 100% stable yet.
  • Not Tetris: ptitSeb completed his work on the more recent Love Engine from Stabyourself.net to port this Tetris version where the physics play an essential role when stacking things up. It’s very, very hard to play, therefore more something of a prank you can play on someone than a real game to play with.
  • Mari0: another port from ptitSeb of a game from the Stabyourself.net guys. This game mixes the original Mario game with Portal. Mario has the possibility to create portals just like in the Valve game and use it to his advantages. Really creative.
  • Valyria Tear: an 2D J-RPG-like open source RPG with great graphics. It may be a little bit slow unless you have a 1Ghz.
  • BGS (Backup Games Saves): a little application I wrote in my spare time to backup saved games and saved states from a number of emulators or native games on the Pandora. You never know when your SD card is going to crash… this will create a single-file archive that will be copied on both of your SD cards, for data redundancy. I will be coming back on a few aspects of this software later on in a separate article.

That’s it for today. Have a great week and don’t forget you are always welcome to leave your thoughts and impressions about the new software in the comments below.

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PNDManager also dropped over half of its memory footprint (~80M -> ~30M). These optimizations were the source of the crashes 🙂