Weekly Software News October 14th to 27th 2014


OH. MY. GOD. After a week with almost NIL updates and releases, the past two weeks have been very, very hectic on the repo. It took me a very long time to compile the news about the 42 updated and 10 new releases. I don’t think we have seen such numbers in a while, but that’s not unexpected. Canseco got his Pandora back, PtitSeb started integrating Fusilli client for C4A support everywhere, and fixing the broken PNDs following the new 1.62RC firmware release. So yeah, you are in for a long read. Enjoy.

Updates (42):

  • Pandavision: now with fullscreen mode and a couple of other improvements.
  • Mumble: last stable release with updated ssl libs.
  • Tetris Crisis: buttons can now be remapped, scores are saved, and the resolution has been fixed.
  • Zbarcam: patched for compatibility with the new kernel drivers.
  • BitMessage: now with fixed launch script.
  • wxpython: downgraded QtWebKit to fix the issue with Anki.
  • ZamAudioSuite; last stable release, together the new plugin ZamGEQ31 graphic equalizer.
  • QMidiArp: last stable release.
  • Rockdodger: a new power up has been added.
  • Tiled: last stable release.
  • QTractor: last stable release, including Amsynth 1.5.1, and the latest stable DISTHRO plugins, Zam-Plugins 3.4, ArtyFX 1.2 and QmidiArp 0.6.1.
  • qpdfview: last stable release.
  • NotecasePro: this info management program got a new update but do not count on me to tell who what this adds or changes since there is no info at all about it.
  • OpenTTD: last stable release.
  • Quassel: last stable release, with updated crypto to openssl-1.0.1j.
  • Minetest: now includes a newer Irrlicht build, and uses glshim for rendering. Note that on CC Pandora it may be unstable with the default GPU driver.
  • ArtyFX: this update adds Bitta, Panda and Vihda, as well as various improvements and bug-fixes.
  • FreeCiv: last stable release.
  • QupZilla: updated to latest stable release, and added the latest crypto openssl-0.9.8zc.
  • ZynAddSubFx: now compatible with 1.62RC firmware, and compiled with ALSA by default.
  • Audacious: latest GTK2 version available.
  • Claws Mail: added missing libs,  notification and pdf-viewer should work again in this update.
  • Sparrow C4A Manager: fixed a bug with the scrolling.
  • HammerWatch: a new version with more optimizations that should now run a little better especially when there are many sprites on screen.
  • Not Pacman, Not Tetris, CannonBallRickyD, Mini Slug project : now updated with the Fusilli client for better C4A support and caching.
  • GODOT Game Engine: merged with the latest sources, and dropping GLES-1 plugin.
  • Guitarix: updated to latest beta, working with 1.62RC, except SVG images are not loading.
  • amsynth: last stable release, compatible with 1.62RC.
  • Calf Plugin Pack for JACK: last stable version with new plugins and bug fixes.
  • DavMail Gateway: last version based on the sourceforge repo, should be more stable when downloading big attachments.

Be very careful. If you have not upgraded your Pandora firmware to 1.62RC, you should NOT download the following updates, since they fix issues only related to that firmware. You are warned!

New Releases (10)

  • Sienna: a one-button platformer (Flappy Bird ring any bell?). Note that this was ported by PtitSeb’s kid, Loic2003!
  • PacDude Hero 100%: a new clone of Pacman with a different take on the classic game.
  • Kiki the Nano Robot: a 3D puzzle game. Remember Kula World on PS1? Well, it’s quite similar in its principle.
  • Trosh: A score-based game made with the Love Engine. It now has C4A support as well!
  • Pandysea: a new Odyssey2/Videopac+ emulator written by and ported to the Pandora by EvilDragon.
  • O.H.R.RPG.C.E: an engine to play all sorts of RPG, basically in the classic J-RPG style from the 8-16 bits era. It includes one game to demonstrate what you can do with it.
  • Hop Ski and Jump: Another Flappy Bird kind of game with ponies jumping above holes.
  • OpenMortal: A clone of mortal Kombat where you can actually insert your own character in the game and fight with your avatar.
  • Uplink: Wow, the full hacking game from Introversion, now running on the Open Pandora thanks to the efforts of Lunixbochs and its glshim and TinyGLES renderer. More details to come on how this was made possible…
  • RSS Guard: a new RSS feed reader built on Qt.

The latest release candidate firmware for Pandora has been released, and it’s called 1.62RC. You can already try it and report issues to notaz if any. Note that there are some PNDs impacted by the change, and things are expected to break in a few cases.

On a side note, the C4A competition this October is ongoing and there are only a couple of days left to make a difference!

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