Weekly Software News Oct 7th to 13th


Mid-october already and we have seen a number of good ideas flowing around recently. Using the DSP on Pandora seems to be a good direction to further improve the throughput for a number of applications. We’ll have to see what people come up with in terms of real applications. Talking about real applications, _wb_ came back on the scene with a new picture viewer application, the fastest for Pandora. But there’s more.

Software Updates (9)

  • Valyria Tears: the font was adjusted to be more reeadable.
  • Wagicc: updated to latest sources. For some reason nothing displays on my Pandora when I launch this, but this may just be me…
  • BGS, Backup Saved Games: this update brings support for many other Pandora games and introruces a progress bar when processing the backup. Plus several fixes.
  • OpenXcom: updated to the latest sources.
  • Sparrow C4A Manager: a new version of this C4A manager to help config Compo4All. Not sure what changed.
  • Mupen64plus 2.0: added new launch config and the possibiity to change the role of the right nub.
  • Project X: Forsaken: a fix regarding the mouse after loading up a saved game, as well as additional config options for the nubs.
  • Picodrive: this version fixes many issues with the cd emulation. Recommended if you play cd games.
  • QTractor: now with more plugins added.

New Releases (8)

  • Black Stone : Planet Strike: a 3d shooter based on the very first Wolfenstein3d engine. Careful, you need drivers with the X11 mode support and this may not work with newer drivers.
  • Space Rocks: an asteroid clone with pretty nice graphics.
  • mooBoy: a new Gameboy emulator, working pretty well. It even saves automatically your state in the game when you exit, so that you can jump back right where you stopped. Still in development.
  • PanPlayer 2 and PanPlayer2 Zoom Edition: a revised version of Panplayer, simply using the latest backend from SMPlayer instead of the older one. This plays more formats so it’s probably a good idea to get this. The zoo m edition just fills the screen instead of keeping the right aspect ratio.
  • Virtual Midi Piano Keyboard: now with support for jackd and fredc. No, i’m kidding. Jackb only.
  • Virtual Toybox Puzzle Collection: a collection of puzzle games requiring Java.
  • Pandora Image Viewver: the new image viewer from _wb_, optimized to be ultra fast on Pandora. The numbers speak for themselves, it’s capable of being between 5 to 10 times faster than the other viewers we have on Pandora. It’s still in development so expect updates to come…

Hope you have a great time with all of this. By the way Ptitseb is working on a port of ArxLibertatis (a remake of ArkFatalis). Still very early so don’t expect anything too soon.

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Thank you for your great update :).


The Mupen64plus update of this week was more then the new Launcher. It’s the entire v1.5 -> v2.0 updates, and with the many Video Plugin to choose from. Problem is, I’ve done 3 other uploads after the initial one yes (for bugfixing mainly).