Weekly Software News Oct 28th to Nov 3rd


If you were getting bored with a not so active repo in the past few weeks, well it’s time to wake up ! This past week has been kind of crazy with a great amount of new releases, and important updates as well, with Mupen2.0plus recompiled for even better performance. As for new software, The Tube will probably to many of you who are not satisfied with the state of youtube browsing on Pandora. And there’s more!

Software Updates (5)

  • DeadBeef: the latest version is out! This is my default music player, while I sometimes switch to audacious…
  • QTractor: now with more plugins.
  • Ghouls and Ghosts Remix: this last update mentions copyrights issues, remembers your last level, and has a working keymapper.
  • Mupen2.0plus: apparently the core and most of the plugins were recompiled for more performance. Thanks Ptitseb! We all appreciate getting more FPS. I haven’t tested it yet, so feel free to have a go at it and post your comments!
  • Space Rocks: many usability and game fixes and new backgrounds for this asteroid-like game.

New Releases (14)

  • Stringrolled: a platformer where a cat, a princess and a ball try to escape a castle. It almost sounds like a Walt Disney movie.
  • Amsynth: a pretty cool program that mimics the operation of early analog subtractive synthesizers with classic oscillator waveforms, envelopes, filter, modulation and effects. For once, I understand what this audio application does. Thanks Canseco !
  • Yabs: yet another business software, as the name indicates, facilitating customer management. The only problem is that it does not fit the screen very well, while it remains functional. Needs Java, by the way.
  • Captain Sevilla Remake: a remake of an old ZX Spectrum game.
  • Fish Shell: a friendly shell that’s a good alternative if you like to have colors in a terminal-like environment. Note that this is not 100% compatible with the terminal kind of syntax while you can do most things in a similar way. It has auto-completion and other very nice features that save lots of time.
  • Balls: a game made in very short time, for the Pandora.
  • Sky Supreme: a shoot’em up by Pmprog, based on the engine he has developed for a while on Pandora.
  • The Tube: a new, light-weight Youtube browser and player, written in Python> I have not had the time to try it yet, but it should be very practical as it displays thumbnails, AND lets you play the videos through mplayer instead of the Flash-based interface in your browser.
  • Bristol: an emulation package to emulate vintage synthesizers. And you know who ported this right? If it’s music related, there’s a great chance it’s Canseco.
  • Non-Timeline: yeah, Canseco again, with a number of tools to transform your house into a DJ’s paradise through your Pandora. I’m not sure what they all do but you also get Non Sequencer and Non Mixer
  • X-invasions: a port of an old Amiga game, made with Allegro 4.
  • MegaZeux: a whole game creation system dating back from 1993 and still under development!

There’s more to come in the next week with a new version of PPSSPP (slightly better than the previous one in performance, as far as I can tell), and potentially Arx Libertatis, a remake of the Arx Fatalis engine using the original game files. In terms of development, there are a lot of active discussions about the DSP, while we don’t really know yet what will be its practical applications. Anyway. Why don’t you check the new releases first, in the meantime ?

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PtitSeb had to back out some of the compiler optimisations with the release of build 10, as they broke Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Dunno if that cancels out the core improvements, but IIRC there were also plugin improvements in which are still there in, and on my Ghz unit at most games are still running better than they were in