Weekly Software News Oct. 28th to Nov. 11th 2014


I missed last week’s update again. And guess what, this was the wrong time to do so. Again there was a large flow of updates and releases (a lot of it being done by PtitSeb !). Anything to highlight ?  Well, Sheepshaver, a Power Mac emulator, opens up new possibilities… and a ZDoom update brings up another engine (Zandronum) to ensure more Doom mods can run on the Pandora. But there’s a lot more…

Updates (24):

  • Squared!: now with C4A support and part of our C4A competition in November!
  • Race for the Galaxy AI: updated to the latest stable release, compatible with 1.62RC firmware and adapted to fit the Pandora screen.
  • RSS Guard: updated to fix the issues from the first release (did not start…)
  • Secret Maryo Chronicles: now working with 1.62RC firmware, and with updated menu.
  • Boson-X: now with C4A support (with fusilli client)
  • Not PacmanMini Slug project, Not Tetris: now with updated Fusilli client to ensure only best scores are uploaded.
  • NPRQuake: now with updated glshim which may improve the performance a little.
  • Minecraft: updated to work with Minecraft 1.8.
  • Uplink: updated with great performance improvements.
  • Sparrow C4A Manager: now with filtered view and rank.
  • Prototype: updated to ensure it still works with an older firmware. Note that this game is part of the C4A November competition !
  • OpenTTD: last stable release.
  • QJackctl: last stable release.
  • QupZilla: updated to latest stable release.
  • Super Methane Brothers: now with true fullscreen, and included C4A support.
  • Minetest: now working with 1.62RC firmware, and ptitSeb tried to include some optimization as well.
  • PNDManager: no changelog, so no comment.
  • OwnCloud Sync: no changelog, no comment!
  • Zdoom: now working with 1.62RC firmware, and adding the Zandronum engine on top of ZDoom and GZDoom. 
  • Seventh Sense: an update to the famous book-RPG series, with added books and bug fixes (confirmed to run on 1.62RC).
  • wxpython: a new build (but still with a downgraded QtWebKit).
  • OpenTTD: last stable release.

New Releases (9)

  • The Fulcrum: a demo made by the-matrix back in 1998.
  • Hydrogen: an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux.
  • Holotz Castle: a port of the FOSS game of the same name, which is a platformer with puzzle elements.
  • Smart Sudo: a soft to modify your system to ensure that the sudo password is not needed anymore for certain actions.
  • MetroCross: a remake of an old Atari ST game. With C4A support.
  • Tetriattack 3: a Tetris clone from an old SNES game.
  • Sheepshaver: a PowerMac emulator. Not that it does not include a JIT compiler, and therefore the emulation is relatively slow.
  • Leo Editor: Leo is a PIM, IDE and outliner to help you code. Note that it needs wxpython PND to run.
  • MegaMan 8bit DeathMatch: a Doom modification that brings you back into MegaMan’s world ! Note that you need the latest ZDoom PND to make it run.

On a side note, the C4A competition this November is ongoing and now is a good time to jump in and compete on the three games we selected!

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