Weekly Software News Oct 21st to 27th


Not a ton of new updates or releases this week, but that’s expected when PtitSeb takes some vacation! Nevertheless there were some interesting developments on the firmware side. There is a new firmware (only for development at this stage) available, including the binaries to use the DSP from now on. There are potentially exciting things to expect from that space, but we’ll have to let developers experiment with it for a while before we see something tangible. Anyway, back to this week’s news.

Software Updates (9)

  • Mupen64Plus v2: a few additional features on the GLES2N64 plugin to render a true stretched full screen on the Pandora. On top of that, the core of the emulator has been fixed to enable running Doom64 and DK64. But DK64 still suffer from bugs in-game.
  • mooBoy: this Game Boy emulator is updated with numerous fixes, increase in speed, double buffering and on top of that, the save games and now saved in the app directory instead of the Rom directory previously. This enabled a proper backup strategy with…
  • BGS, Backup Saved Games: now updated to support the said mooBoy saved states and games. A recommended update if you use mooBoy ! (you better update mooBoy as well to benefit from BGS).
  • PPSSPP: another update for this excellent PSP emulator. Don’t expect much performance increase this time, but you get slightly better movie support, and a few games run faster here and there. I recommend you take a look at the current compatibility list for this emulator (I compiled most of the entries there), you’ll see that it’s actually quite capable to run a good number of games from the PSP with good speed. The more complex ones (usually 3D heavy) are still a way to go before being playable, though.
  • SpaceFM: It’s been a while since we saw any update for this excellent file manager. I was going to sum them up, but hey, did you see how many changes they made??? Numerous fixes and features added, that’s enough said. It’s a pretty good alternative to the other file managers we have on Pandora, so you better give it a try if you have time.
  • DosBox ED Ultimate: This version brings a number of fixes as well as added tools in the DosBox environment. Note that this application remains free but is donationware to enable a number of locked down features.
  • Pandora Image Viewer: Now supporting huuuuuge pictures (38400×23040) if you have enough memory. Maybe you can use this for Hubble pictures actually ! Rotation has been added as well as numerous fixes and features. A very nice update that definitely makes this one of the best picture viewers on the Pandora, and certainly the fastest!
  • QMMP: Now updated with the latest plugins from QtTractor.
  • RickyD: updated to latest sources and now with the latest SDL version (2.0.1)

New Releases (2)

  • Synthv1: Synthv1 is an old-school 4-oscillator subtractive polyphonic synthesizer with stereo fx. Yeah you can guess I am completely lost with the technical terms when I copy paste the repo description. Apparently the port is not perfect since it’s difficult to get the controls to fit into the Pandora screen, but that’s something difficult to fix, I guess.
  • Ghouls and Ghosts remix: This is a remake in c++ of the famous Capcom game from the late 80s, or was it early 90s? Anyway, that’s the game which made the Super Nintendo famous at the time, since it got a port that was gorgeous and even better than the arcade version. Except or the slowdowns. Ahem. Anyway, this port should be working fine on 1Ghz while it may be a little slow on Rebirth and CC units in some areas. Give it a try anyway.

That’s it for this week. I recommend you try Mupen and PPSSPP, and don’t forget both of them need your help to fill the compatibility lists on the wiki ! Here for Mupen and here for PPSSPP. That’s how you can give back to the community that brings you so much stuff for free. Don’t just be a passive consumer.

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