Weekly Software News Oct 14th to 20th


Not too many releases in the past week but there is still a healthy flow of updates for existing applications now and then. Apparently there’s a new ScummVM that should be ready to be released with Eye of the Beholder support (oh oh!) and we are waiting for the PND to be updated on the repo.

Software updates (11)

  • Xinvaders3D: C4A support has been fixed.
  • Pandora Image Viewer: This ultra-fast image viewer has seen some bugs squashed (regarding filenames) and added support to change the transparent background color for transparent PNGs.
  • Qtractor: now updated with additional plugins, while removed a few that were causing crashes.
  • Wagic: an update to fix the no-graphics bug, but for me this has still not solved the issue…
  • Not Tetris: Now with C4A support. Anyone who makes more than 3 lines wins!
  • Valyria Tear: Updated to the latest sources.
  • Mupen64plus 2.0: Frameskip has been improved on one of the renderer plugins, and Perfect Dark should now work as well.
  • CDR-DAO: this PS1 Game CD Ripper has been updated with a simple option to specify where to write the CD image.
  • Space Rocks: updated but not sure what went in the update.
  • DosBosEX: now with a custom mapper tool to allocate specific keys from the Pandora to the emulator, as well as various fixes.
  • Task Warrior: this todo list manager is updated to the latest stable version. Works perfectly (I am actively testing it).

New Releases (3)

  • YOP – Image Viewer: A new image viewer that’s very simple by design (albeit a bit slow).
  • Schmupacabra: A new horizontal axis shooter, if you like bullet-hell ones. Good luck beating that one!
  • HTTrack: a very useful tool to make a mirror offline image of any website. Very practical if you need to read stuff later while offline.

In the meantime if you are bored you can always check my previous article on the PSP emulation on the Pandora. You may find some interesting things to try.

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Space Rocks! changes are in the SW news thread: