Weekly Software News Nov 4th to 10th


Tons of updates in the past week, with all the .emu emulators from Android getting a new version. If you love emulators in this week you are well served, with a new version of PPSSPP and Mupen64plus 2.0, both from PtitSeb. Let’s not forget that this week you get a proper application to watch Youtube videos (finally you can get rid of that crappy Minitube if you ever had it) and cherry on the cake, here’s Arx Libertatis as well for fans of this french game from Arkane Studios (Lyon Power!).

Software Updates(22)

  • DosBox Ultimate: not sure if that’s the only change, but in this version it seems that the application will detect if you have a joystick plugged in the Pandora and will use it by default if that’s the case. This makes it easier to play DOS games on your TV with your TV-out cable.
  • Balls: nothing new except the screenshots in the latest version. No need to update.
  • Mupen64plus2.0: now with the recompiled core. You should see some slight improvements in performance.
  • The .emu emulators are back with an update: MSX.emu, 2600.emu, C64.emu, GBC.emu, NES.emu, PCE.emu, NGP.emu, NEO.emu, Snes9x EX, Snes9x EX+, GBA.emu
  • Pandora Image Viewer: big update with many functionalities added, such as cropping, rotation of images in other formats than JPEG, scaling, web gallery creation, etc… this is becoming a huge application, make sure you check the help (press H when viewing pictures) to check what you can actually do.
  • QTractor: now updated with tons of Guitar plugins.
  • PNDConfig: many added features in this new version. Now it’s possible to assign a particular QJoyPad layout when launching a given PND, change nubs mode, enabling zram swap, enabling/disabling TV out… impressive. I’ll have to write a post on that very soon.
  • PPSSPP: version 0.9.5 is out, and it brings many fixes and the performance is on the rise again. Note that there are some regressions as well, but overall it’s more positive than negative. Check the compatibility list I’ve been working on. (and add your results, too ! A wiki is not built alone.)
  • Pandora System Info: now you can see and change the DSP clock speed.
  • qpdfview: updated to latest sources, and now with file association and djvu files support.
  • Pandafe: this games launcher is now updated to version 0.3.0, with numerous changes, such as the inclusion of categories, and appearance settings, and more…
  • SpaceFM: many fixes in this quick update following previous version.

New Releases (3)

  • Lingot: Canseco is back with an instrument tuner.
  • Arx Libertatis: PtitSeb has been working a long time on that game which is a remake of the Arx Fatalis engine (you will need the original game files, though). You can check a video taken by IngoReis during its development. It looks pretty nice, but I haven’t tried it myself yet so I cannot judge how playable it is.
  • The Tube: This excellent Youtube browser makes it possible to view Youtube videos flawlessly outside of the Internet browser. See my review here.

That’s it for this week, and believe me, it’s already a lot.

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