Weekly Software News Nov 25th to Dec 8th


I didn’t do an update in the last week as I was just back from vacation and busy with a couple of other things… and maybe I should have spent some time on the update and new releases, since this post now summarizes what happened in the past 2 weeks and there was a lot to showcase. If you were away, just like me, for a couple of days, you may have missed a number of good things. Follow me.

Software Updates(17)

  • PyGrep: this useful grep tool is now updated with a persistent regexp!
  • GTA Freeware over Qemu : now updated with fixes in the startup script.
  • QTractor: now with fixed Wav files support!
  • Non Session Manager: integrated support from other apps ported by Canseco, and previews in the PND!
  • QMidiArp: updated to latest sources.
  • OpenTTD: another update for this excellent transport tycoon clone.
  • DoxBox EX Ultimate: updated with fixes on aspect ratio.
  • Tor Router: now updated with a key addition of a thttpd server configured to run a hidden service for additional security. This new PND also comes with an help file, a GUI, a new terminal console and fixes for start up and shut down of the service.
  • Some updates related to the Crap game compo: Mind the Duckies and SpaceBar Adventure as well.
  • Neko Project 2: latest update for the Japan PC68 emulator.
  • JCloisterZone: this Carcassone game sees touch screen improvements, plugins, and additional fixes.
  • Quassel: a security update for this IRC Client.
  • HackerBooks: I just updated hackerbooks with a number of new free books. Update recommended if you want more content!
  • Widelands: updated to latest sources.
  • Pandora Image Viewer: the comic viewer mode has been fixed, and additional image formats are supported. Excellent viewer!
  • SpaceFM: another upstream update for this excellent file manager on Pandora.

New Releases (15)

  • FreeMind: a famous mind mapping tool from the Linux world, finally available on the repo!
  • Monster2 RPG: PtitSeb ported yet another J-RPG, very old school but with nice graphics overall. It uses Allegro5.
  • Florence Virtual Keyboard: a virtual keyboard to display on the Pandora screen. Why do you need it? Well, in case you need to print accents which are not available on the Pandora keyboard, this could be a good solution. You’ll need the stylus to make good use of this.
  • More audio tools from Canseco, Zita-AT1 and Zita-Rev1 used to correct your voice in case it is out of pitch. Let’s not forget ZynAddSubFX, a timbral software synthesizer.
  • Ulmo’s Adventure: a game where you help Ulmo to evade enemies and collect coins. Graphics are cute.
  • HexDigger: a single player game where you have to occupy all cells in the least amount of steps.
  • F-chat: a chatting service for the F-list furry roleplay site.
  • Emily’s Curious Adventure: a pre-alpha game, and since I have not tried it, I can’t tell you much about it…
  • GemRb-git: it should be counted as an update, but it’s apparently a new port based on the latest git sources, to play old Bioware games.
  • Metroid Classic: a port of a recreation of the original Metroid game on NES. The recent update fixes save games.
  • Weatherman: a simple application to display weather information under text format.
  • PyTouHou: an implementation of the Touhou 6 engine (for shooters)!
  • Calcurse: a PI manager (calendar, scheduling) made to work in terminal mode with ncurses. May be very practical to use on Pandora, i need to try this…

Commercial Games(1):

  • Panganitzu: a commercial version of this old DOS game (logic/adventure) containing three episodes.

That’s it ! Or… not ?

Don’t forget there is a new competition in town. The Alive and Kicking Pandora Coding Competition! You can find more about the rules on the boards, and you’ll have until Feb 15th to submit your ports/original creations in order to potentially win a prize! You better get started!

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May I just add that the main addition in the Tor bundle is thttpd server configured to run a hidden service, for those of you who have Death Star blueprints to share.


I’d like to point out that the main addition in the Tor bundle is thttpd server configured to run a hidden service, for those of you who have Death Star blueprints to share.


Sorry for the double. I’ve actually created a hidden service on my Pandora using Tor.pnd. You can find it at https://s7347di2b2cidpdv.onion.to/