Weekly Software News Nov. 25th to Dec. 15th 2014


Ola! Are you guys saying I’m late ? Late for several weeks? Ok, you are right, but I have an excuse, I was sick in bed, coughing on a damn cold. And it’s still not finished but at least we need to do a update before hell breaks loose. Here’s three weeks worth of updates in one post.

Updates (19):

New Releases (5)

  • Ascii Man: a game in ASCII, running in your terminal.
  • Burger Space: a recreation of the old game with the same name. I’s C4A enabled.
  • BagMan: another recreation of this old game. Last time I played this, I was gaming on a C64. Wow, that was a long time ago. It’s C4A enabled, too.
  • Otter browser: A new, fast QT5-based browser, trying to imitate the interface of Opera 12. Note that some functions are broken for now (jpg files do not display) but PtitSeb is working on a fix.
  • PaleMoon: PtitSeb found this fork of Firefox, working very well on Pandora and one of the fastest browsers around! More to come on Pandoralive about this Browser.
  • PixelLink Christmas: Iprice’s latest creation to celebrate the advent calender towards Christmas.

New Firmware

On a side note, the C4A competition this December is ongoing and there is still ample space to enter the top 5 in each game !

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i had release PaleMoon on December the 11th also (and updated 2 times since then), should be in the new releases.
Also, BurgerTime & Bagman both are C4A enabled.