Weekly Software News Nov 18th to 24th


So, while Ekianjo take a short blog vacation (he has been working on it non stop for many months), I take the wheel of the Weekly Software News. Hopefully for me, it was a quiet week, but still an interesting one, with new entries for the Crap Game Competition (you have to try all those short little games!), and some bigger games too, retro-driving oriented this week, with F-1 Spirit remake and the original GTA; plus some tools (like a new IRC client or an updated Pandora Image Viewer). And let’s not forget a new release of DosBox that can handle all mouse driven softwares and games you want.

Software Updates(4)

  • DosBox Ultimate: Some more fixes for mouse games, and 2 versions of DosBox to play with now. A must have update for Dos gamers.
  • PNDConfig: Bugfixes and a few more options for this handy tool.
  • TV-Browser: F-Slim packaged the latest version of this TV Program Browser app.
  • Pandora Image Viewer: a new big update with many functionalities added or improved, such as cropping. RAW images are now loading much faster (for those who have some good camera) and a Comic mode is also now present.

New Releases (5)

  • Don’t Step On Crap: A new entry for the Crap Game Competition.
  • Hase Prototype: Another entry for the Crap Game Competition. It’s more a concept than a game for now, but a pretty cool one!
  • Mind The Duckies: Yet another entry for the Crap Game Competition. It’s a full game this time.
  • Horgand: A new Sound app from Canseco. It’s an FM synthetiser this time.
  • F-1 Spirit remake: Some modern remake of F-1 Spirit, using OpenGL (converted to GLES), with many effects. Fullspeed on Gigaherz units.

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