Weekly Software News Nov 11th to 17th


Wow, it’s been a very busy week on the repo. 10 updates and 9 releases, not bad, not bad. Well, we have to take in account that some of it is full of crap (because of the crapgame competition), but even if you remove that part, there’s still very decent things to grab: an excellent UAE4All update, The Tube getting better and better, and many audio apps ported by Canseco. Not that I’d know what to do with them audio apps, though.

Software Updates (10)

  • Hydrogen: this drum generator gets flac and ogg playback support.
  • Non Session Manager: now with flac and ogg playback support, too.
  • QjackCtl: defaults settings were optimized.
  • Lingot: cleanup of the integrated libraries.
  • Whack-a-Troll: an update for this entry in the crap game competition. Not sure if you should be happy of sad about that one.
  • Pandafe: a quick update for the recent 0.3 version released last week, with some fixes. Update recommended.
  • Qtractor: this update removes some plugins which were too CPU-hungry, and adds a couple more.
  • UAE4All: a welcome update for this excellent Amiga emulator. Note that I had to wipe my appdata folder after the update to make things work, but that may just be me. This update includes tons of fixes, improvement for AGA support (some AGA games run now full speed without frameskip on 1Ghz), as well as some changes merged from some other UAE version. I couldn’t resist and played a lot of Sensible World of Soccer during the weekend. Superb emulator. Thanks TomB for the update.
  • DosBox EX Ultimate: numerous fixes (like the image swapping fix) and one extra option to play a random game.
  • The Tube: many updates in this new version of this excellent YouTube browser: configuration is now saved in a config file, search field gets autocomplete support, playlists are now supported, shoulder buttons can be used to navigate in the list… well done Sepulep.

New Releases (9)

  • JACK Rack: a LADSPA effects rack for the JACK audio API. I checked and LADSPA means Linux Audio Developer’s Simple Plugin API apparently, and it is described as a standard that allows software audio processors and effects to be plugged into a wide range of audio synthesis and recording packages.
  • JACK Timemachine: a recorder that records stuff by default and enables you to save it later if you happened to create something interesting.
  • Santa Super Christmas Challenge: another entry for the crap game competition.
  • Asscade: 10 crappy games into one!
  • Lv2rack: a JACK based, GTK (2.x) host for LV2 synths. Canseco keeps cracking more and more of these audio apps.
  • yEd Graph Editor: a Java application to generate and edit high quality diagrams.
  • Arx Demo: PtitSeb released a demo of Arx Fatalis combined with his Arx Libertatis port from last week. So now you can try it out with your model to see if it’s worth buying the game files.
  • QMidiArp: Canseco now brings an arpeggiator, sequencer and MIDI LFO for ALSA and JACK. Note that this application fits the Pandora screen very well.
  • CrapShoot: another entry for the CrapGame competition.

Note that this is the last Repo update I do in November – I will take some holidays in next week and I probably won’t have the time to post an update. If anyone wants to act as a back up in my absence, please contact me.

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