Weekly Software News – May 6 to 12


If you were not convinced that software releases were accelerating for the Open Pandora, now’s another time to prove you wrong. This week saw another burst of activity, with 16 new software releases, and a lot of updates as well. I did not have time to rest everything. As usual. Oh, by the way, the 900 apps milestone in the repo has been crushed as now there are officially 905 of them. Let’s have a look at what made it through…

Software Updates (11)

  • LuckyBackup: updated version of this backup tool since it was missing some libraries.
  • Wagic: Major update for this open trading card simulator, based on “Magic”.
  • Aleona’s Tales: update with a new interface for Pandora.
  • gPodder: update to the latest stable version. Please note you need to export your feeds to opml before updating (or you may lose them!).
  • YGOPRO: major update with OpenGLES-1 hardware rendering (thanks PtitSeb).
  • Minetest client: a new version of this early Minecraft-like game.
  • Arduino: A new version of the IDE, 1.0.4, to program and upload programs from your Pandora directly to your Arduino board.
  • Puzzletube: updated version… I think mainly new languages.
  • AstroMenace: potential buffer overflow fix update.
  • Minitube: new version (after such a long time) of this software that enables viewing videos from youtube after entering a keyword. I never liked it very much but there are people who do.
  • Battle for Wesnoth: upstream changes.

New Releases (16)

  • GPeriodic: a simple application to display a periodic table of elements.
  • Irrlamb: a game based on Physics (in 3d). Still in development.
  • grdesktop: a tool to connect remotely to a desktop client.
  • freerdp: same as freerdp, except that this one enables you to connect directly on a windows workstation without having to install anything on your windows machine.
  • ownCloud Sync: ownCloud is a free, open source alternative to Dropbox that you can setup on your own server (if you have one) in order to do folder-like data synchronization. This application is a client for the Pandora.
  • Crash Clones: a clone of the TRON game.
  • jMemorize: a flashcard application (in Java).
  • Rescue: a game where you have to rescue girls from a cave.
  • Cube Trains: a game where you have to build elevated railways in a city.
  • choria: a free MMORPG where characters have to do… chores 🙂
  • MathPiperIDE: a mathematics orientated programming language and CAS (computer algebra system). You need Java and it possible the latest version (see the pnd in the repo). It may be a little slow at start, but it works fine.
  • Battleship: a battleship game in Java.
  • Bloboats: an arcade game where you control a boat and where the challenge is to finish each level as fast as possible.
  • OpenXcom: an open-source remake of Xcom; Ufo Defense and Xcom: Enemy Unknown. You need the original data files to play this.
  • CASPack: a collection of computer algebra systems (CAS) and graphing applications. Currently includes Mathomatic, Yacas and Gnuplot with extensive documentation and examples.
  • mgutenberg: a simple application to download free domain ebooks from the huge Project Gutenberg archive. You can find most published books from before 1900 there.

Welcome to MarkW, as a new porter on the Pandora! He packaged CASPack, jMemorize, GPeriodic, LuckyBackup and MathPiperIDE in this week. Well done!

I guess the next milestone in the repo is… 1000 ? I’ll bet we will pass that within… 3-4 months. We will see. Enjoy your week in the meantime, and don’t forget to rate applications in the repo. Feedback is important, and only takes 5 seconds!

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