Weekly Software News May 5th to 11th 2014


Another active week on the repo with 8 software updates and 8 new releases. You want the highlights ? Well, the latest version of Firefox, 29, is out, but it’s so bad that it’s almost a joke. I’m talking about Mozilla’s work here to screw up the interface and make stuff much slower. Well done guys! Now I guess you have to try Qupzilla if you haven’t yet. Thankfully the other news of the past week do not make matters worse everywhere. Check it out.

Updates (8)

  • Abook: updated to the latest sources. Not sure what changed exactly.
  • Predator Prey Simulation: code cleanup and documentation added !
  • MPS: the previous issue with unicode files download seems to be completely gone now, and the author has added a new album search function which is a joy to use. MPS has received lots of positive ratings, so if you have not tried it yet, you probably should… 🙂
  • OpenXCom: updated to latest language pack from GetLocalization.
  • Firefox: a great job done by hdonk to bring Firefox 29 so fast on the Pandora. Alas, Mozilla did probably their worst release of Firefox so far with this version. Everything feels way slower than 28, then the new interface is ugly and intrusive as hell, and it’s become too bloated to run well on Pandora. Do NOT upgrade unless you want something worse for the LOL effect.
  • Jagged Alliance 2 – Stracciatella: Updated to 12.352. I’m assuming it’s a good idea to update 🙂
  • qpdfview: update to latest sources, and the performance should also be a little better now.
  • Battle for Wesnoth: updated to latest sources.

New Releases (8)

  • Rocks and Diamonds: A clone of Boulder Dash, the excellent 8 bit game.
  • Tiled: a general purpose tile-editor in order to build levels for RPG and Adventure games.
  • Stupid Boxes: I missed this one last week… it’s a sokoban clone.
  • Sqrxz4: a very fast jump’n run game with high frustration factor, apparently !
  • Sqrxz1: in the same style as the previous entry.
  • XPilot: a multi-player 2D space game in the same vein as Gravity Force.
  • XPilot Server: the server side of XPilot so that you can enjoy the multiplayer aspects of it.
  • Sylpheed 3.4.1 with GnuPG support: Sylpheed repackaged to include GnuPG support for encryption purposes. If you don’t care, you should at least be aware than the email protocol as it is is unsecure and sending emails is like sending postcards out there: if intercepted everyone can read what you write.

Next week’s updates will be numerous since the 12th of May had already plenty of them. Don’t forget to check it out, and to register to the newsletter not to miss anything!

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Jon Sneyers

You forgot the update of Pandora System Info:

It’s just a minor update, but still a few nice new things imho 🙂