Weekly Software News – May 27 to June 2


The past week has been relatively calm for updates and releases. Don’t worry, there’s still enough to keep you busy for a while, but it’s nothing like last few weeks’ overdoses. Now is a good time to catch up and enjoy all the great stuff that’s been released recently. Especially if the weather is as crap as they say at your location.

Software updates (11):

  • Pandafe: This launcher is now updated with some bug fixes and a couple of new features. Recommended update!
  • Mosh: This mobile shell client is updated but… who knows what changed? 🙂
  • Skunks: The 3D racer gets an updated steering model and the car can be flipped back to normal using the F key.
  • RickyD: I was one of the few people complaining this game was far too slow, and PtitSeb recompiled some parts for better execution speed, and made 800Mhz the default clock frequency. By the way, Compo4All compatibility has been added and you can now compete for the best scores with this game too.
  • Firefox 21: The most memory-hungry browser for the Pandora is back! Or should I say “the most full-featured browser”? Depends on your point of view. Anyway, this is a minor fix from the previous release that went out last week. Recommended update.
  • CannonBall: This open-source remake of Outrun has now Compo4All compatibility included! Recommended update if you want to compare your scores vs other players!
  • Penguin Command: Another Missile Command clone – it’s not a new release, but at the same time it’s unclear what this update is about…
  • Abuse 0.8: This will not appear as an update in the repo but as a new release, but there was a previous version of this arcade PC game from the 90s in the repo. I just compiled it using the latest sources available. Note that I will be updating the controls sometimes soon…
  • JCloisterZone: An update to the latest sources for this Carcassone-like game.
  • Wagic: Updated to latest sources and further optimized as well, this Magic-like card game should work better now.
  • RetroArch: this compilation of emulators is seeing a major update, with a better Pickle launcher as well as in-game menus.

New Releases (5):

  • Znax: A port of Znax for the Pandora. (reflexion game)
  • Puztrix: A port of Puztrix for the Pandora, supporting touch-screen input as well (reflexion game).
  • Xinvaders 3D: A wireframe-3D version of Space Invaders. Note that there is no sound yet.
  • SoX: An excellent command line tool to convert audio files from one format to another. Canseco may provide a simple GUI later on. It has a great deal of features.
  • Black Shades: A great simple FPS using OpenGL and converted to OpenGLES 1 to run on Pandora. Your goal is to protect the VIP in white against guys trying to kill him. Note that there are occasional freezes that can be recovered with the right nub.

Commercial release (1):

  • Super Hexagon: You could already play it with apkenv but as you know it needed the original files. Now everything, including the original files, has been compiled into a single PND for your convenience and supports C4A out of the box. All profits will go to the author, which is very positive (you are NOT paying Google or whatever provider of the apk). It’s only priced at 0.99 dollars for the first week, and honestly it would be a shame not to show your support there. Just save on one Starbucks trip and you can afford 4 of those. I just grabbed one.

Official Pandora Review(1):

  • Dedoimedo’s second part review of the Pandora: About a month ago Dedoimedo shared in details his first impressions about the OpenPandora, and the second review is now out there. This time he focuses on applications. His next review will be on the gaming aspects of the device.


By the way, you noticed there were not too many news on Pandoralive in the past week. Sorry about that, I had other obligations to attend to and had already very little time to sleep. There will be more articles coming your way in the next couple of days.

In the meantime enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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The c4a update really has given Outrun via Cannonball a new lease of life for me. Not that I’ve ever been very good at classic Outrun.


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