Weekly Software News May 26th to June 1st 2014


Already in June and the burning Heat of Summer just landed in Japan yesterday, right one time or should I say, probably 3 weeks too early. But hey, our misery means the season to sell air conditioners will start earlier than expected, so not everybody loses! In the meantime, we’ve got a nice set of updates and new released in the past week.

Updates (10)

  • Battle For Wesnoth: Updated to the latest sources.
  • PtitSeb updated his builds of Jedi Knight 3 (along with its demo), F-1 Spirit Remake, Return to Castle Wolfenstein (along with its demo as well) with tear free glSwapBuffer, and freshly re-compiled. I have not tested them all, but at least it seems that RTCW runs a little faster than before.
  • Transmission-qt: this torrent downloader is now updated to the latest version. Thanks Canseco !
  • Not Tetris: now built over a freshed recompilation of Luv engine (latest build).
  • EC Wolf: updated to the latest revision, with an automap and support for Super Noah’s Ark 3D.
  • XBMC Media Center: a very nice update since we now get the stable version of Gotham (v13.0) instead of the previous Beta. It’s still one of the best companions of your Pandora armed with a TV-out cable!

New Releases (6)

  • CG Madness: another Marble Madness kind of clone. Note that this one has no sound.
  • Quassel IRC Core: Quassel is not new per se since it’s already available in the repo, but this package is only for connecting it to already running quassel cores.
  • Fabla: from the repo description: Fabla is an open-source LV2 drum sampler plugin instrument. It is ideal for loading up your favorite sampled sounds and bashing away on a MIDI controller.
  • QLC+: a free and cross-platform software to control DMX or analog lighting systems like moving heads, dimmers, scanners etc. If you are wondering what the hell this is about, well you should read this wikipedia entry about DMX interfaces. Basically you could control a whole stage of lighting through a DMX interface with your Pandora.
  • ArtyFX: a plugin bundle of artistic “RT” effects. Another cool audio port from Canseco.
  • ZamAudio Suite: another set of audio plugins by Canseco. This is unusual, but this set of plugins apparently uses OpenGL for display, and Canseco used glshim to port them on Pandora! Pretty interesting use.

Day of the Pandora

June 1st was the “Day of the Pandora” and ED has released many of the design files used to produce everything Pandora related. On top of that, he is now selling the 1Ghz model at a reduced price for the month of June. A good time to get one!

I’m working on a couple of updates for my own repo releases so hopefully in next week there will be some news on that front as well. Stay tuned. Put sunscreen and shades, too.

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