Weekly Software News – May 20 to 26


Another extremely busy week with updates and especially releases. A chunk of big applications (Jstock, Firefox21, Gnucash, Gnutella, Qupzilla) as well as the latest great game from _wb_, Pandora NubNub, are impressive. Lots of good stuff which helps in making the Pandora more like a full fledged computer every single day.

Software Updates (28):

  • Rescue: I completely missed to report that update (sorry Dredd) but it now supports Compo4all for online scoring competition, and Dredd is apparently giving Excellent Chocolate for the winner. A good reason to try!
  • All the Emu EX Plus Alphas from PtitSeb have been updated. Better key mapping and UI. The author of the original Emu EX Plus Alpha is apparently a new 1 Ghz Pandora owner! That’s 12 new updates.
  • FileZilla: This excellent FTP client is now updated to the latest stable version and works well on the Pandora. Don’t forget to adjust the window panes to make it fit the way you want.
  • PPSSPP: Update to the latest sources. There is now an option to reduce the texture size but it does not appear to speed things up. But several members have reported that Dissida 012 is running pretty well already. I tried Wipeout Pure, and it’s lagging way too much even at 1Ghz. Please test other games!
  • Bloboats: Faster build after recompilation now.
  • Skunks: This update features reworked controls.
  • Texlive: The update now includes TexWorks. I still haven’t had time to test the first release!
  • Geany: Update to the latest version of Geany, 1.23. That latest version supports the Go language syntax (the new programming language from Google) and includes many themes to make it easy on your eyes. Highly recommended for writing code on the Pandora.
  • Firefox 21: hdonk has just released a new Firefox build! Please test it! As a side note, he will be off for a while since he is expecting a baby, so don’t bug him for the next Firefox release in the next few months.
  • Qupzilla: an extraordinary update for this browser, making it probably my favorite browser on the Pandora, ahead of Arora! More details in the article I published earlier today.
  • OpenXcom: Fixed error with the type entry, and updated to latest sources.
  • The Tournament Hub: Many updates in the last couple of days to correct all the bugs from the initial release version. Hopefully most problems are now a thing of the past. We’ll be coming back very soon on this software for a full review.
  • Litecoin: Now compiled with QR code support.
  • GearHead: Arena: Now with customized controls.
  • GearHead 2: Several tweaks around the controls.
  • R: Updated but not sure what the update was about. There will be a GUI version coming soon, however.
  • Pandafe: A new release for this emulator games launcher, now supporting Drastic and DS games among other improvements.

New Releases (12)

  • Gnutella: Gnutella is a P2P client for downloading files from the internet. Not everything you find can be considered legal so please be careful if you use this. That said, it works very well on the Pandora. I did this port so please provide me feedback as well and let me know how it works for you. In my trials it seems to be more stable than aMule.
  • Circuit Simulator: A new program written in Java which can simulate electrical circuits, as the name says. Looks very cool.
  • Mana Plus: A client for 2D Open Source MMORPGs like Evol Online and The mana world.
  • ClipIt: Another release of mine. A well known utility in the Linux world, ClipIt makes it possible to store your recents cuts and pastes from the clipboard. You can reuse them several times and even search for them when needed. Very practical in some situations.
  • SIR (Simple Image Resizer): A tool to resize, annotate, crop pictures one by one or in batch. Another one of my new ports, this one uses the Qt environment.
  • GnuCash: PtitSeb finally made it and released GnuCash. This was a difficult port since it uses some of the gtk3 libraries which do not play very well with the default firmware. It seems to take very long to start up but apparently works. Please test it!
  • Jstock: A java based stock market tracking and portfolio management system. It might be a little slow to start but should work fine. Some windows are too big for the Pandora but they can still be moved by holding the left shoulder trigger, keeping left mouse clicked on it (right nub) and using the left nub to move them around. Fantastic software otherwise.
  • Pandora NubNub: A new game from _wb_, written for the Pandora. It uses two nubs simultaneously to control an object made to eat up big floating balls… It’s hard to explain like this, but it’s very fun. It’s also Compo4All compatible so you can compete with other players for the high score online! Note that _wb_ had the excellent idea to include mod files for the music: sounds great and very retro while consuming very little CPU and memory. What’s there not to love?
  • AVR Tools: Toolchain for the 8 bit AVR MCU.
  • QXGedit: I’ll go and admit I have no idea how to use this, so here’s a copy paste from the repo: QXGEdit is a Qt GUI for editing MIDI System Exclusive files for XG devices (eg. Yamaha DB50XG).
  • QmidiCtl: Another software where I am not quite sure about its usage… Copy-paste: QmidiCtl is a MIDI remote controller application that sends MIDI data over the network, using UDP/IP multicast.
  • PtitSeb released several “fake applications” which are actually launchers for the LibreOffice PND, to start only a certain kind of application (i.e. Writer, or Impression, or Calc… etc…). There are 6 of them, so I guess we should not count them as “new applications” on the repo. 🙂
  • Unknown Horizons: a kind of open source remake of Anno, great to see it working on Pandora but too slow to be playable at this stage.

There you have it. 936 applications in the repo now, minus the 6 launchers… still 930 so far. Very impressive to see so much growth, so fast. Thanks to all the developers and porters for the amazing job you do recently. Keep the good applications coming!

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