Weekly Software News May 19th to 25th 2014


I haven’t been super active on PandoraLive in the past week (hence the reason for fewer posts than usual) and guess what? Looks like our friends the porters and devs on Pandora have been taking some time off as well, since this week is almost devoid of news. There’s a couple of updates and a couple of releases, still worth checking out none the less.

Updates (3)

  • QSampler: the libs have been updated to latest versions, and a ton of plugins have been added.
  • Super Methane Brothers: the update made the game tearless. On top of that, the source code is included in the PND, and the license of this game (not the Amiga one) is confirmed to be GPL.
  • QTractor: Canseco added another ton of plugins to this QTractor build. This is getting really complete and weights almost 100 Mb now.

New Releases (2)

  • ECWolf: A new port of this Wolfenstein 3D engine. Note that it was already released by Pickle before, albeit not on the repo.
  • ReactOS: This PND packages qemu together with ReactOS so that you don’t have to create the image yourself. With ReactOS you can run a few Windows applications, but expect it to be slow since everything has to be emulated in x86 code in real time.

And that’s it !

I can’t promise on behalf of the devs that there will be more news in the next week, but at least I can tell you that there will be more PandoraLive posts very soon. A couple are almost ready to publish, so it’s just a matter of time. Do come back !

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you forgot to mention the update of “The Ur-Quan Masters Easier” 😉


oh, sorry … just saw that it was in the Softwarenews before this (but it was on 19th acording to the list …)