Weekly Software News – May 13 to 19


Oyez, oyez, Porters and Developers of all countries. Could you seriously take a break? Just for like, let’s say, 2 weeks? I personally cannot follow the releases anymore and would certainly like to play a bit with The Tournament Hub, Super Hexagon or do some analysis with R, but if you continue to release more and more stuff how do you expect we can concentrate? You all deserve some good vacation away from your Pandora. Seriously.

Software Updates (13):

  • Swap Files: A tool to create swap files for your Pandora. It makes certain software run faster. Minor update to remove confusion about the location of the swap file.
  • v2c: An update about this 2-chan browser (famous japanese forum system). Equivalent of 4-chan but 4-chan came later and was a copy of 2-chan, basically.
  • MGutenberg: Minor but recommended update for this ebook downloader from the Project Gytenberg archives. Since I packaged it, I can tell you that this new version removes some issues with the previous one and fits much nicer on the Pandora’s screen.
  • BattleJewels: Update for this game to take advantage of the Compo4All client to record high scores online.
  • Skunks: Not sure what the update is about… A note for all repo authors, by the way, please include a build history in your PND description. We don’t have time to test everything 🙂
  • KeePassX: Update to latest sources. Probably good idea to update.
  • PandaBAS BASIC Interpreter: Some new features, please see the forum topic for more details!
  • OpenXcom: Minor update with some bugfixes and update to the latest sources.
  • Arduino: Update to the latest Arduino IDE build, and in case you were wondering, the transfer of programs to Arduino boards REALLY works!
  • Battle for Wesnoth: Update to the latest build.
  • Geany: I just compiled the latest stable version today. ZclouD included themes into my PND so you get nice colors if you choose Monokai in the Themes settings. Otherwise the biggest new feature is the support of the Go Language syntax, the recent programming language created by Google. That language is progressing very fast and is said to be much faster than Java for many things… but don’t trust my word for it and see what is being said about it in the tech world.
  • PySolFC: This latest version is a major update since it improves the graphical aspects quite a bit. However, the whole Python distribution had to be included, making this collection of solitaire games about 50 Mb! Well, we are certainly lucky that memory is so cheap these days.
  • RockDodger: Minor update, following a bug report.

New Releases (13)

  • Tile World: A reimplementation of the game Chip’s Challenge, where you have to find the exit tile in each level. To do so you have to use something that’s between your ears, called the brain.
  • Super Hexagon: This is the Android game “Super Hexagon” where you need to move a cursor very quickly as obstacles come towards you in a hexagonal 3D field… This release needs apk 1.3 and thus you can do the same thing with apkenv, but this has Compo4All support so you can play for the best highscore against your friends.
  • CASPack: A big statistical package. It’s a very capable software that comes with a command line interface. You can do LOTS of stuff with this and it’s used by professionals in many fields. Of course, you need to know about mathematics and statistics before using it, so if you stopped school after learning how to read this is probably not for you.
  • I Have No Tomatoes: A new game using OpenGLES which is kind of like a mix between Pacman and Bomberman. Fun for 10 minutes, at least 😛
  • Makagiga: I packaged this software because I thought it was great. It requires JAVA but it fits the Pandora screen nicely, acts as a note-taker and to-do list manager as well as a RSS-reader. It does a lot and its interface is very well. Yeah, it looks like I am trying to sell this app, but it comes for free!
  • Caves of Phear: A Boulder Dash clone in ASCII. Features 12 levels and an editor.
  • GearHead: Arena: A RPG in isometric 3D with Mechs and automatic plot generation. It may be interesting. If you tried it, let us know in the comments!
  • GearHead 2: The sequel to above.
  • The Tournament Hub: This is HUGE! Now you get a pretty nice interface to launch and view highscores from the Compo4All online competition of solo games. It’s still a beta, so expect some rough edges but very impressive so far. You’ll get a more detailed review on Pandoralive pretty soon.
  • R: A huge release. R is a programming language for mathematical and statistical calculations.
  • TexLive: A package with TeX and a command line interface to interact with it. This is big as well, since TeX is the reference for writing long, professional documents like books and reports.
  • Dungeon Monkey Unlimited: A game made with the same engine as GearHead. But this is not with mechs, this time.
  • Lyx: You need the TexLive pnd installed before you can use this! But Lyx is a graphical environment for text, making is simple for people who love windows and buttons to do stuff! It’s still in beta but you should try it!

The Pandora just became a lot more useful for statistics and text production in the past two weeks. Tex, R, Lyx, this is really big news. The innovation continues with Compo4All and it’s great to see a collaboration between Skeezix and Pmporg to make this happen. I did my first non-JAVA compilation in this week too with Geany so expect to see more PNDs from me in the near future!

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Well the last two lines in the additional info field of Skunks should give you a hint of whats the update about. It’s true that I don’t keep changes from previous versions, but always show whats new in the additional info field.


I also updated my game “Rescue” on the 19th – http://pnd.to/rescue – to take advantage of the Compo4All client to record high scores online. There’s no need to apologise for excluding my amazing homebrew game specifically made for Pandora! hehe I don’t want to blow my own trumpet, but other games pale in comparison!! 🙂 YMMV