Weekly Software News May 12th to 18th 2014


As I predicted last week, these past 7 days were very busy on the repo. I guess you are expecting me to simplify your job as a reader and give you some highlights huh? Well, Reicast now runs ShenMue and it looks like it’s kind of stable. You get Blood remade with the Eduke32 engine. Nice mod! PtitSeb releasing another mod for FreeSpace2, especially huge and resource hungry, The Babylon Project. And there’s much more…

Updates (14)

  • GnuPG: updated to the latest source.
  • QMMP: now with fixed equalizer.
  • QComicBook: update to the latest sources.
  • uPIM: not sure what the latest update adds…
  • DosBox EX + Games Downloader: same here, not sure what the update does. Streak help us out! 🙂
  • Tales of Maj’Eyal: updated to the Beta release.
  • Oolite: PtitSeb added another option to tweak the controls.
  • XPilot Server: new version where settings can be modified in a text file.
  • QupZilla: updated to the latest sources, mainly for bug fixing.
  • Mumble: updated to the latest sources. It works fine, I tested it. Now you need some friends who have Mumble too.
  • Pandora Model Check: I finally took the time to update this system info tool. It should now display more info, as well as your GPU driver version if I did not mess up things again!
  • Wyrd: Leafpad was added as an editor for this reminder application.
  • Reicast: the new r7 version released recently is already on Pandora. Apparently ShenMue is now stable with it!
  • The Ur-Quan Masters Easier: the speech data has now been added to the PND.

New Releases (6)

  • Moon’s Moons: a difficult game made in Python for the PyWeek competition, and now available on Pandora.
  • Super Methane Brothers: a port of the old Amiga game of the same name. PtitSeb managed to make it run with glshim, with some tweaking.
  • aircrack-ng: a tool to sniff the wifi traffic and get passwords of wifi networks provided you have sufficients packets of data. Among other things. Note that it is illegal in many countries to hack other networks and that’s the stuff that can get you jail time. But nice to know even this kind of thing can run on Pandora (you need the firmware 1.61 however).
  • Blood – EDuke32: a recreation of Blood using the Eduke32 engine… I have yet to try it but it sounds fantastic!
  • The Babylon Project: PtitSeb has been working on that one for a looong time. It’s a mod of FreeSpace2 in the Babylon universe, but using lots of high quality assets. It’s great to see the Pandora being able to run this!
  • KeyNav: an alternative way to control your Pandora’s mouse pointer, using the Dpad!

Now it’s up to you to make some free time and test some of these awesome new entries and give them the feedback they deserve!

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