Weekly Software News June 30th to July 6th 2014


We had a typhoon in Japan as we write these lines, and it was quite funny how media were overreacting (as usual), making it sound like it’s going kill people in the thousands and cause mass chaos. Actually, you know what? We just got a bit of rain, an no wind at all. Yawn. Anyway, I can’t say there was a storm of new releases in the past week, I guess a lot of people are wasting time watching millionaires running after a ball these days. It’s a good thing it does not last too long.

Updates (7)

  • Syncthing: another upstream update for this Dropbox clone.
  • GnuPG: now with pinentry for entering passphrases.
  • Mupen64plus 2.1: this is a major update, since Notaz has taken up the task of optimizing the Rice plugin with assembler code. The result ? Using this plugin, many games now run much better than before. We still don’t get full speed for every game, but the performance is certainly greatly improved and noticeably so.
  • ZamAudioSuite: now with ZamAutoSat while ZamSynth was removed.
  • Guitarix: updated to latest beta version, including some additional plugins and fixes.
  • Irssi Terminal IRC Client: now removing the terminal scrollbar since the application has a scrollbar on its own.
  • Oolite: this update adds the latest version of glshim, and takes care of fixing espeak support. Now you can hear Oolite speak to you in-game!

New Releases (4)

  • Schmuppan: an original shoot’em up created by Sebt3, who has written in length about the design and coding process in a recent article on PandoraLive. A recommended read!
  • PalmOS Emulator: a great new addition, making it possible to emulate the famous organizer system. It may be worth considering as an alternative to PIM software available on Pandora.
  • Squared!: a clone of the 2048 game for the Open Pandora. It’s very addictive, but don’t expect any animations, though.
  • Magicor: a game similar to Solomon Keys, apparently.

That’s it ! Note that PtitSeb has released a number of beta PNDs, that will probably make it to the repo sometimes soon. And Djwillis is teasing folks with a beta release of ScummVM 1.7 as well. Good times ahead.

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