Weekly Software News – June 3 to June 9


Ah, summer is getting closer. The Beer season. It seems like a number of developers are more or less on vacation, since the activity in the last week was kind of… moderate. Wait, did I mention that PtitSeb released FreeSpace 1 and 2? That’s just 2 releases but that has to count for something! There were few updates, though, but the few we got include worthy games such as OpenXcom, Widelands and apkenv now supporting Plants vs Zombies! But there’s more. Read on.

Software Updates (6):

  • OpenXcom: A few bug fixes, as well as new pathfinding graphics. Probably a good idea to update!
  • Widelands: Update to latest sources, and now you have tutorials to guide you in-game, which prove to be helpful.
  • CASPack: A few updates such as YACAS plotting fixed, and the incorporation of Reduce.
  • apkenv: This tool to run Android games directly under Linux desktop has been updated and now supports Plants vs Zombies! It works perfectly, except that some sound effects are played twice too fast, it seems. Otherwise, it plays very well (while scrolling is broken in some screens).
  • Xinvaders 3D: Last minute update from Loic2003 who now added sounds to his previous build!
  • Tong: Another last minute update for this mix between Tetris and Pong! Now it can be scaled to full screen. Recommended!

New Releases (9):

  • Aladin: A program to view digitized astronomical pictures from remote databases. Very cool. Needs Java, though, make sure you have it installed.
  • Terracoin: Another crypto-currency a la Bitcoin, with different settings used for its blockchain.
  • Hexchat: Another IRC client, in case you didn’t have enough of them 🙂
  • AseqView: Since I have close to zero experience with MIDI interfaces, here’s a short description I took from the repo: “ASeqView is an ALSA sequencer user-client which works as event viewer. It visualizes received events, e.g. note-on/off, controls, pitch wheels, using bar graphs, as often seen in many sequencer programs.”
  • gmidimonitor: Another MIDI related application that shows MIDI events. If you are familiar with MIDI things you probably know how to use this.
  • Simple Sysexxer: A tool to backup the memory contents of MIDI devices.
  • Freespace, the great war: PtitSeb has been quiet for a while, but here’s what he comes back with! Freespace is a PC game from 1998, which received quite favorable ratings at the time. This port uses OpenGLES1. For the original game files, head on good old games. Note that not everything may be working well yet, so consider it as alpha-beta or something.
  • Freespace 2: This sequel from 1999 is even better than the first title and received very favorable reviews at the time, and now you can play it on your Pandora thanks to PtitSeb! Note that, just like for Freespace 1 above, you need the original files to play, but that’s something you can easily get for pretty cheap on good old games for example. Note that not everything may be working well yet, consider it as alpha-beta or something.
  • GPmark: A benchmarking tool to compare Open Consoles in terms of performance.

New Commercial Releases (1):

  • VVVVVV: After the full release of Super Hexagon last week comes the full release of VVVVVV which includes all you need to play it. 4.99 dollars for this excellent indie game. If you haven’t purchased it before, time to do it now!

That’s all for this week.

By the way, should I mention that Exophase is progressing well towards a new DraStic release?

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