Weekly Software News June 2nd to 15th 2014


Sorry for the long wait, due to the move of PandoraLive from one server to a newer one. Luckily, there were not too many updates in the past 2 weeks, so this is very practical for me to sum things up very quickly ! Thanks guys!

So we have about a dozen of updates and a dozen of new applications which surfaced in the past two weeks. A very nice mix. Let’s have a closer look…

Updates (12)

  • Battle For Wesnoth: Updated to the latest sources.
  • Not Tetris: this latest version fixes issues with Compo4All (C4A) score upload.
  • OpenTTD: updated to latest sources.
  • LMMS: latest stable release.
  • QupZilla: the best browser on Pandora gets updated with a newer version of openssl – while it’s not the latest one (latest one causes crashes).
  • Quassel: updated with the latest openssl library.
  • Claws Mail: updated to latest version, along with openssl, gnutls and other libs to latest versions as well – Canseco even included libpoppler for pdf preview support. Everything is Awesome!
  • ZDoom: it now uses the latest sources for GZdoom (and Zdoom 2.72 which is not the latest version because of an ulterior issue), as well as the latest glshim git. I’m happy to report that BrutalDoom works better than before and is kind of playable now! Check out the previous ZDoom article when we reviewed this on Pandoralive.
  • QJackCtl: recompiled for better performance, Firewire support, and more.
  • Qtractor: removed some heavy, memory consuming plugins and added a couple.
  • OpenXCom: it has now reached the stable 1.0 milestone! Congratulations to the developers!
  • OoLite: has been updated with many changes over the past 2 weeks, and the major one being that it’s up to the 1.80 version which is clearly the best so far! Check out the article published about Oolite a couple of days ago, it will probably make you want to try it!

New Releases (10)

  • Ortho Robot: a game from StabYourself, which uses mechanics very similar to the indie title FEZ: rotating a 3D background to use their 2D projections on screen as paths. It’s quite well done and entertaining.
  • DISTRHO-Nekobi: Canseco continues his exploration of open source audio tools and brings us a simple single-oscillator synth based on the Roland TB-303. Funny how some words and numbers make you look smarter all of a sudden. 
  • Zik Zak: a puzzle game ported by PtitSeb using glshim. The graphics are minimal, but the game is kind of fun.
  • eRampage: a port of the Redneck Rampage series using eDuke32. Works with both software and openGl renderer (using glshim I assume).
  • Plume creator: a pretty cool software that works quite well to write novels of short stories on the go. It takes care of chapter creations, background notes, character notes, etc… everything that may be useful for aspiring writers.
  • Cytadela: a port of an old Amiga game. This one uses glshim again!
  • Untahris: a strange game where you can play several classic fun, simple arcade games, including games similar to Tetris, Snake, Tron, Arkanoid, Pong, Thrust, Bomberman, Rampart, Liero… the trick is that you can play in multiplayer for these games on the very same screen/board… leading to conflicting situations between the participants of these games!
  • Epic InventorEssentially, you are an inventor who has found himself stranded in a strange new land. In order to survive, you will have to make do with the things you find around you, while also fending off the strange inhabitants of this place. It’s a 2D game. 
  • BumpRaceBumpRace is a simple arcade game. You’ve to get from the start to the finish line without crashing into deadly blocks.
  • PowerManga: an arcade shoot’em up in 2D!

Day of the Pandora

Just a reminder that the Pandora 1Ghz is still in promotion during the month of June at ED’s shop. more than ever, it’s a good time to get one!

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