Weekly Software News – June 24 to 30


Wow! that was another busy week while it started relatively slow at first. The big winner for this week is probably… the community, since PtitSeb released the awesome Jedi Knight 2 after much beta testing. There was a bunch of other cool releases, too.

Software Updates (9)

  • DraStic: A minor update to fix a nasty bug where DraStic crashed when loading new games. It still is awesome to play DS games full speed after one week!
  • Pandora Crude Bench: a minor update to take in account the new drivers to fix the glitches in some scenes.
  • PPSSPP: a new release which now makes it possible to play a couple more games apparently very close to full speed on 1Ghz unit.
  • R: this update provides RCommander and Java support. Still an awesome way to do statistics on the go.
  • Cocoa-Doom: apparently a new release to fix a minor keyboard bug.
  • Game Soundtracks: updated to support even more games!
  • Duke Nukem 3D: this new release provides OpenGL support for the first time, with all the graphical improvements that go with it. Some glitches are expected, though.
  • Firefox 22: hdonk is about to have a baby but he still did not fail to deliver the latest Firefox update not long after it came out! Hope everything goes well with the other delivery 🙂
  • Lyx: a last minute update for this excellent document pre-processor, with spell checking included as well as file associations integrated. I have yet to try it yet… but knowing the desktop version…

New Releases (5)

  • HackerBooks: I coded this small Python application a few days ago to download and read free books about Programming and Computer Science in general. I hope this will be useful for beginner and expert developers out there. Tons of books available for different programming languages and more.
  • Qutecom: this SIP communicator is a cool addition to the Pandora but I can’t manage to create my profile… follow up needed.
  • Extreme Tux Racer: another famous Linux game reaches the Pandora, while it’s not optimized yet.
  • Jedi Kinight II: the big release from PtitSeb is finally out! Very impressive visually, it’s a great addition to the Pandora library. There’s even a demo available.
  • Gcolor2: if you ever need a color picker utility, why not use that one?

New Commercial Releases (2)

  • Whacky Wheels: this old PC game was a cool clone of MarioKart in the days. I distinctly remember it was very smooth and played well. Maybe a good idea to pick it up again?
  • Shadow Warrior: now available for cheap with the data files included. Great idea!

Now you have a lot of new stuff to play with and test. Until next week !

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The link for “R” goes to Cocoa-doom.