Weekly Software News June 23rd to 29th 2014


We are now jumping into July, and the last week of June brought a number of updates and releases. Nothing really outstanding out there, but we always appreciate the little tweaks and improvements by community members.

Updates (10)

New Releases (5)

  • Mystic Mine: a game where you have to guide your cart from Point A to Point B by switching rails on the way. Note that this game does not include sounds.
  • Kdiff3: a tool to compare changes between files or directories and merge changes if needed.
  • Irssi Terminal IRC client: as it says. I did not try it, but that’s one more option out there on Pandora if you want to do IRC. By the way, my recommendation is Quassel. 
  • GODOT Game Engine: a port of the now free game engine GODOT. You can actually create games directly on your Pandora with this, while it’s obviously more practical to do it on a PC with a larger screen. However this is a great environment for testing before finalizing your projects.
  • Xump: a one screen puzzle game.

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that Lunixbochs of glshim fame is back with a new tool, TinyGLES, to get around the overhead limitations of the current hardware drivers, for 2D operations. It’s probably a while before we can actually use it in many games, but it sounds very promising.

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