Weekly Software News – June 17 to June 23


This week was certainly not the most productive ever in terms of releases or updates, but take it as an iceberg. PtitSeb is working his ass off on Jedi Knight and he is making good progress but he certainly needs a bit more time. As you saw from our earlier post Paper Wars is in good shape as well. But they won’t all surface at the same time. Still, several cool things to mention this week. Oh, did I forget to mention a small thing? Drastic has been updated and now runs most 3d DS games full speed. Just a detail.

Software Updates (7)

  • Tapan Kaikki Bloodshed: small graphics fix for this otherwise excellent and gory game.
  • Super Hexagon: there was a bug in the end of the game that was promptly adressed by notaz, who had to play the game in super slow mode to reach the end and find out what’s wrong. No, I’m not making that shit up if you wondered.
  • Pandafe: several nasty bug fixes for this otherwise excellent launcher that I recently recommended to use. It keeps getting better and better.
  • OpenXcom: many bug fixes from the original author. Update recommended.
  • Widelands: update to latest sources. Good stuff to keep this up to date.
  • Rockdodger: no changes except for more preview images! You don’t really need to update, this is just a marketing ploy!
  • DraStic: as mentioned earlier, Exophase did a fantastic job and this DS emulator now runs most 3d games full speed on DS. Fantastic stuff. I dedicate the following song to Exophase, because if this release does not make you jump then this will:

That’s from the best butt dancers in the world, Kara. For those who check this on their Pandora here’s the youtube link to download this using ytdownloader (do I sound like a salesman yet?).

New Releases (9)

  • TreeSheets: a very cool software to take notes in a messy way just like on paper.
  • CopyQ: this is a clipboard manager very much like ClipIt that I also compiled a few weeks ago, but this one is way more feature complete. Give it a try and you will see what I mean.
  • Trojita: I wanted a small and fast email client on top of clawsmail. I found Trojita, by my compilation does not yet work very well. Well it’s still functional somehow, but I will try to improve that.
  • OpenSCAD: _wb_ the bounty hunter took it upon himself to answer a community request and ported this CAD program for the Pandora.
  • Exobius0: a new port from Loic2003 who follows his father’s steps. This time he comes back with an arcade game that is pretty challenging.
  • SABnzbd: another newsfeed reader to download stuff with a cool html interface to use in the browser.
  • Tile World 2: sometimes the repo says it best: “Tile World is an open source implementation by Brian Raiter of Chips Challenge, a game created by Chuck Summerville. Collect computer chips, avoid monsters push blocks, and solve puzzles to get to the end and continue to the next level.”
  • Tor Router: finally something to ensure a bit more privacy when browsing on your Pandora! That is what Snowden was waiting for to get a Pandora. Now if someone could deliver one to him in Venezuela I am sure he will appreciate the gesture.
  • Game Soundtrack: after the bounty hunt _wb _ apparently got bored and developed this small app to play back the music files from the games installed on your Pandora. Excellent idea. Where will he stop at ?

New Comercial Releases (2)

  • Duke Nukem II: the legendary Duke Nukem game before he started to kick ass in 3D.
  • Mystic Towers: The full version of the classic game Mystic Towers, featuring six castles / episodes with different graphics for each one of them! Yeah, its a cut and paste.

That’s it for this week. I typed this whole thing in the night bus on the way back from Tokyo to Kansai, that’s how useful the Pandora can be on the move, on top of watching Kara shake their butts everywhere. So I can use the annoying message:

Sent from my Pandora from my bus seat with smelly people snoring around. 

Have a great week and expect a full review of the latest Drastic in a couple of days.

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I’d say the new DraStic release alone does make this week one of the best ever!
Remeber this is an original emulator made especially for Pandora, not “just” a port.
We love ports and improved ports too, but we have to give massive props to Exophase for creating this emulator from scratch, it is one of the greatest programs written for Pandora so far.

Sebastián Castro

Thank you for the YouTube link, you surely spoil me 🙂 (that’s a cool song) By the way, I recently discovered that if you paste a URL directly into MiniTube it gives you as a result the linked video. Talking about salesman, I’m always thinking that besides some communication issues, not being able to stream decently could deter a lot of buyers.

Thank you for the updates too. Commercials are looking more appealing as time passes 🙂

Sent from my Pandora from my bed while listening to music on Audacious 😉


But I thought there are no smelly people in Japan, only rainbows and unicorns!


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