Weekly Software News June 16th to 22nd 2014


We are back on the PandoraLive routine with our weekly Software News! There’s a bunch of updates this week, such as many improvements on Oolite, a new version of Eduke32 to play Duke Nukem 3D in the best conditions possible, and more… Nice to see Focus Writer making an entry in the new releases as well.

The repo downloads have just crossed 600 000 by the way. Not bad for a 5000-6000 users community (active users number may be lower than that, obviously).

Updates (9)

  • Syncthing: not sure what the update is about, but I’m assuming it’s to take in account the latest sources, since this Dropbox-like tool is still early in development.
  • Sylpheed with GnuPG support: updated to 3.4.2 for Sylpheed. If you are wondering what the changes are about, here’s more info!
  • Stupid Boxes: now with a level editor!
  • RickyD: updated to latest sources.
  • Valyria Tear: updated to latest sources.
  • The Tube: you could not stream video anymore from the previous The Tube version, because of youtube changes, but now this function works again. However, TV-out support is broken… If you want TV-out you could still download the file first and play it with PanPlayer or SMPlayer2. Check out our article on The Tube if you want to know more about this application.
  • Eduke32: PtitSeb has taken over the role of maintainer for this app (thanks Mcobit for all your efforts up until now!), and the new version adds latest glshim support, latest eduke sources, tear-free powervr ini script. All in all, many good reasons to update! If you have never heard of Eduke32, we covered it in a previous article. Come get some!
  • Qtractor: some plugins removed, some work done on optimizing the resolution of certain functions to the Pandora screen… solid support from Canseco on that one ! Check out Canseco’s tutorial on Qtractor, by the way, to start with this program…
  • OoLite: the 1.80 version was fixed (NAND writing and market prices had issues). Check out the article published about Oolite a last week if you want to know more about this recreation of Elite!

New Releases (2)

  • Focus Writer: another minimalistic text writing application to prevent distractions. Similar to Cat Writer already on the repo. Last week there was Plume Creator as well, which is a pretty good tool for writers who want to organize their writings in chapters and so on.
  • Trip on the Funny boat: a Python game coming from the PyWeek competition from 2006, where you control a boat which has to shoot enemies while using the waves to its advantage. I have not tried it yet, but it reminds me a lot of bloboats from the screenshots!

The Pandora 1Ghz is still on sale!

Just a reminder that the Pandora 1Ghz is still in promotion during the month of June at ED’s shop. This is the last week you can get it at a great price: it’s a good time to get one!

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