Weekly Software News – June 10 to June 16


This has been a most peculiar week. And don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about the fact that gcw suddenly released a lot of commercial games from the DOS era on the repo, or that PtitSeb is actively working on the Jedi Knight II port for the Pandora. No, I was referring to the fact that today I went hiking on a remote island and encountered no less than three snakes on my way. Then I knew how fast my heart could beat.

But lo and behold, I did not end up as snake food, and could post this repo news as usual this evening. Phew, you were almost going to miss it!

Software updates (9):

  • OpenXcom: Latest git update, together with a smart way to simulate right mouse click : Alt+ stylus tap.
  • VVVVVV (commercial version): There was an update on the commercial version, but no description of the changes.It’s probably minor.
  • Xinvaders 3D: Sound bug fixed, update recommended.
  • Pioneers: Settlers of Catan board game with network play and AI. This version fixes a missing library.
  • GemRB: This is based on the latest sources available. Apparently works well so far. If you didn’t know you can run Baldur’s Gate I and II or Planescape Torment with this. This is amazing if you like true RPGs.
  • PPSSPP: Another update to the latest sources, with the music now supposed to work in the videos, too.
  • Claws Mail:Β The best email client for the Pandora is updated to the latest sources, and PGP plugins are added by default.
  • Erebus: This hack’n slash is now updated to the latest sources.
  • NubNub: This excellent game from _wb_ (btw I have just beat my top score and got the second position for this month’s competition – good luck guys!) has been tweaked further, and vsync is now an issue of the past.

New Releases (4):

  • Barbie Seahorse Adventure: A python game winner of one of the previous PyWeek competitions.
  • LMMS: A music creation program on your Pandora! I haven’t tried yet but I am very excited at the idea.
  • Leocad: A CAD program to create virtual lego models. It has online capabilities, too.
  • Tapan Kaikki Bloodshed: A very violent game, apparently a remake. It’s very well done and indeed very bloody. I have to play more of that, and maybe I’ll write a review on this.

New Commercial releases (4):

  • Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure: This is an old DOS game repackaged with DOSbox, already preconfigured, with the actual license to play it. Price: 1.99 USD.
  • Monster Bash: Another old DOS game repackaged with Dosbox, where you smash Monsters on your way. Another slice of nostalgia for 1.99 USD.
  • Duke Nukem: No that’s not the 3D version we are talking about but the original 2D Duke Nukem that came before. You can get into the Duke’s past for another 1.99 USD.
  • Hocus Pocus: Another classic platform games with puzzles from the DOS era. If you still have some coins left, you can get it for… You already guessed, 1.99 USD.

There were some silly comments about the repo having commercial software instead of the usual free stuff. Well, guys, whether you like it or not, nobody is putting a gun on your head and asking you to buy them or else, so what is the big deal? It’s a win-win situation: more software offering at a reasonable cost, more choice for users and a little bit of money for the license holders. And it’s not like everything in the repo will suddenly turn paying.

So, relax.

On top of that this was the E3 week and I wasn’t very impressed by what I saw. Sure, there were decent games on both sides, with certainly impressive graphics, but this all gives me a feeling of… a feeling of… “meeeh”, if you know what I mean. They sure won’t distract me too much from the Pandora for now.

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With consoles now having a generic x86 harware E3 was going to be meh from the beginning… Although it’s pretty impressive how Sony was able to put so much power in such a small box and only for 399 πŸ™‚