Weekly Software News – July 8th to 14th


Another week passed by, and this one was rich in new offerings. Lunixbochs has been busy with his opengl library and released several ports. PtitSeb has been keeping himself busy with games using the Quake3 engine (after the first Jedi Knight II) and that’s already a lot to keep you busy for a while.

Software Updates (10):

  • A7Xpg: the game has been updated to support Compo4All and I took advantage of this to establish a high score. I’m waiting for competition now! Looks like Dredd has already beaten my score…
  • VCMI Heroes 3: the game now starts by default in 800*600. Please test it further, there are apparently still some crashes reported but the author of the port needs more feedback.
  • Bitcoin: latest stable version compiled.
  • Bittorrent sync launcher: now updated to latest version. Please be careful, there is an extra step needed for the update. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it’s an exciting alternative for Dropbox.
  • HackerBooks: many new books added as well as a function to track which books you have opened so far.
  • NoteCase Pro: probably updated to latest version but the repo is dry regarding what has changed…
  • Jedi Knight 3 Demo: updated with a new control scheme and the ability to disable OpenAl for better performance.
  • Same treatment for the Jedi Knight 3, Jedi Knight 2 and its demo as well.

New Releases (8):

  • Open Arena: this is a big one, because this is no more no less than an excellent modern shooter playable online that PtitSeb brought us. I haven’t tested it yet, but I will surely give it a try in a couple of days.
  • Grabicasa: an excellent little application to download all the pictures from a given Picasa Web Album in case you use Google services.
  • Compo4All Manager: Skeezix released this tool now as a separate entity from Mame since many non-Mame games are now supported by his protocol. Net f you already have C4A MAME and are actively using it, you do not really need it.
  • PARSEC47: another shoot’em up ported to Pandora from an excellent japanese author. Parsec47 uses polygons only but is pretty cool and… difficult.
  • Artha: an offline dictionay and thesaurus. One of the best out there, great if you read a lot on your Pandora!
  • StepMania: Lunixbochs ported this OpenGL game with his recent libGL project. It’s a rythm game and you can download tons of musics online that work with it. Please test it!
  • Octaspire Crates: a reflexion game where to have to move your crate in a certain order to reach the exit. I am not to fond of these kind of games anymore, but it’s well done and uses libGL as well.
  • Armagetron Advanced: a tron game in 3d with a 3rd person view perspective. Very good and fun to play, while on my Pandora I see some glitches on screen. Otherwise it works fine. Another openGL game using libGL.

Thanks to all the contributors who worked so hard to bring good stuff on the repo! We are now officially at more than 1000 PNDs on the repo, while you probably remember that I nit-picked about this number being artificial a while ago (since there was some “dumping” done on the repo). But it does not really matter. What matters is that there is clearly a lot of good stuff uploaded on the repo every single week, making the Pandora more and more valuable every single day.

Have a great week !

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many thanks for mentioning “grabicasa” and calling it excellent 🙂
make me proud!


FYI the player MagicSam who got a high score on A7Xpg is not me (Dredd)… there must be someone else called Sam!


I’ll have to try PARSEC47, Kento Cho’s games are good fun.

I like his tumiki-fighters, would be nice to see a port of that too. In that game, you can catch wreckage of enemy ships and attach them onto your ship for extra fire power and protection!