Weekly Software News July 29th to Aug 4th


August, here we are. Here in Japan the cicadas are singing as hard as ever and no ne wants to be outside for loo long for severe sweat will drop from your forehead in a matter of seconds. When writing this I am on my way to Aomori in the northern part of Japan, to see for the first time the Nebuta matsuri, one of the most famous Japanese festivals. I will probably attach a few pics after a couple of days, just to share a bit of the fun with you. For now, let’s come back to the latest repo news.

Software Updates (4)

  • HackerBooks: I did a little update by adding more books to the list as well as keyboard shortcuts to access menu items faster. Recommended update.
  • Gambatte: this gameboy emulator has been updated to the latest sources. And it’s still one of the best out there! Highly recommended.
  • QMMP: last sources fix a known bug. Probably a good idea to update.
  • PLUM: this update brings support for the PS3 Media Server, the possibility to configure stuff with a config file, and support for music files (mp3 and m4a).

New Releases (9)

  • QComicBook: a new comic book viewer using Qt. I haven’t tried it yet but that’s now one more choice on top of the excellent Comix.
  • XEphem: Another tool for the folks curious about astronomy out there. It creates a planetarium view that makes it possible to envision where the stars and planets should be at a given point on Earth and a given time. You can use to look at the sky in the past, present of future. Very useful if you have a telescope and want to know where to point it to.
  • Dreamchess: another game ported using libGL from lunixbochs. This is a real nice 3d chess game. and you can play it all with the D-pad.
  • GMapCatcher: a downloader for Google Maps so that you can keep them offline when you need them. Could be very useful when offline.
  • MicroEmulator: A new JavaME interpreter that can let you run Java applications dedicated to non-smartphones, such as Opera Mini. And many games, too. I have yet to try it but it potentially opens the door to a wide amount of applications.
  • Universal Password Manager: as the name suggests, this is another application to save numerous passwords in one place. and generate them as needed.
  • ImageJ2x: After porting ImageJ last week here is a new package with a forked version with better interface. It loads up pictures very fast and has powerful edition capabilities.
  • AltairZ80: a new emulator for the first microcomputer made available to the public, the Altair Z80.
  • DGen: I compiled and released this Genesis/Megadrive emulator a couple of days ago and if you saw my earlier article about it you will know it runs well on 1Ghz but is a bit slow on older models. So it’s probably better to stick with Picodrive if you want top speed, but DGen was an interesting experience nonetheless.

As a side note, I think it is no secret that PtitSeb is working on porting Return to Castle Wolfenstein and there seems to be good progress. You can probably expect a release very soon.

On my side I am working on a small application to save your saved games files automatically to prevent total loss in case your SD Card goes berserk. It will be called BGS (Backup Game Saves), and hopefully will be out in a couple of weeks.

That’s it for now!

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