Weekly Software News – July 22th to 28th


We are almost at the end of July. Didn’t this month pass by super fast? Well, I think so. I was probably too busy getting drunk to forget the heat in the past couple of weeks. Anyway, seems like the community has been hard at work since we have now a fair amount of new releases in this past week.

Software Updates (6)

  • Retro Radio: now with a favorite station function implemented!
  • PPSSPP:PtitSeb has just ported the latest sources and added back his function to reduce the texture size. Apparently it was making some different in performance in a number of games.
  • Widelands: new version compiled from the last sources.
  • OpenXcom: last fixes integrated in this update.
  • Lyx: the main change is the addition of french, german, spanish and italians dictionaries and thesauri.
  • Jedi Knight II: this update corrects a bug found pretty late when voice-overs are overlapping.

New Releases (7)

  • GloboNote: this is a Java application I packaged to display post-it kind of notes on your Pandora desktop screen. Helpful if you want to make sure not to forget anything important. It can also display pictures and to-do lists.
  • ImageJ: another picture edition software with a twist: on top of making it possible to apply regular filters on your pictures, you can run analytical ones for image analysis (for example, detecting the size of cancer cells on a microscope view) and program your own filters. A very mature and professional tool.
  • SHMUP: a shoot’em up made to run at 60 fps on cross platforms. It’s very fast-paced and impressive. I’d like to have it run on the vertical side of the screen to use more screen estate, but well… Other than that, it’s fantastic, and very hard.
  • Blockout II: a remake of an old DOS game. It’s kind of a Tetris in 3d. It received pretty high ratings in the repo so I am guessing the port is pretty good.
  • Galculator: a new scientific calculator with regular functions as well as a few more, too.
  • Gourmet Recipe Manager: a great application to download and view recipes offline. Excellent if you love cooking and want to try new ideas. Note that it comes without any recipe and therefore you need to download some files to make any use of it. Note that it did not start for me, since it apparently has some issues with FAT32 cards. You may be able to launch it better with an ext2 formatted card.
  • QMMP: a Qt-based audio player with support for many audio files formarts as well as skins. I did not spend too much time with it but it works well from what I could check.
  • XEphem: another astronomical software, this time by MarkW, to tell you the position of planets and stars in the skies at a certain moment in time.

And that’s it for this time.

A couple of announcements before I leave you :

  • We are still looking for contributors so if you want to write an article once in a while, or often enough, you are welcome to contact me.
  • If you are not a frequent visitor of Pandoralive I highly recommend you to subscribe to the weekly newsletter. We won’t spam your email address. Just one email per week with the latest updates.

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Does the newsletter feature any different content than the blog itself? As in, if I already have your rss, should I subscribe to the newsletter anyways?