Weekly Software News – July 1st to 7th


This week may have been scarce in new software but there were tons of updates. Well, less is sometimes more – PtitSeb was able to release Jedi Academy during the past 7 days! Just a week after the Jedi Knight II release, which calls for an applause! You should now have enough Star Wars games on your plate for a while… Let’s see in more details what else came out this week…

Software Updates (14)

  • Jedi Knight II: new default mapping for controls, some graphic fixes… a well recommended update!
  • Firefox 22: gstreamer has been disabled, as it was causing issues. hdonk may be working on a new build to re-enable it…
  • Dune Dynasty: update to the latest sources. Not sure what changes but there were apparently a number of bug fixes. It’s an excellent port worth grabbing if you haven’t done so yet.
  • Lyx: now with a little fix regarding the unmounting of TeXLive.
  • Teeworlds: updated to the latest sources.
  • OpenXcom: updated to latest sources again.
  • R: now with a fix for the shiny package issue.
  • Pandora NubNub: added slow motions and special rounds, as well as more music tracks. You probably WANT this update!
  • Commander Genius: a renewed port for this Commander Keen engine. And this time it seems to be much faster (thanks pickle!).
  • XInvaders 3D: now supports Compo4All ! The competition is on !
  • choria: this MMORPG for chores is now up to date with the latest sources.
  • PPSSPP: updated to latest git sources, and a few additional options to play with in the settings.
  • Jmol: I updated this molecular tool to the latest versions, and this has now grown in size significantly versus the previous version (50 megs vs 22 megs). There were many changes in the past 6 months.
  • HackerBooks: I have been spending quite some time in the past week to improve this piece of software. You now get many more books, an option to download all of them at once, a confirmation before deleting anything and many small fixes here and there. If you are a beginner at coding or looking to improve your skills you will probably find a good book in this list to help you in your endeavor !

New Releases (6)

  • Freespace demo: not really new per se, but PtitSeb is now packaging some of the game engines he ported with demo versions of the said games. Here’s Freespace…
  • and Freespace 2 demo: a good idea to test the game before getting the official version on goodoldgames, for example. But there’s more…
  • Jedi Academy demo: a demo that goes directly with the release of…
  • Jedi Academy! The sequel of Jedi Knight II runs on a very similar engine as PtitSeb just finished porting it. It looks great and plays very well if you have a 1Ghz Pandora.
  • A7Xpg: a game that gives you a serious retro feeling. But it’s very, very fun and frantic. You can’t make a more simple game: get the jewels in each level and avoid the enemies moving around. You have no weapons. It’s fast, colorful, and hard! A very good port.
  • QCAD: a CAD software in 2D now ported for Pandora. Excellent to see so much versatility in the software offer.
  • VCMI Heroes 3: a port I tried myself a couple of months ago without success (I didn’t really try twice either) and I’m glad somebody spent more time on this, since it’s a port of Heroes of Might & Magic 3, one of the best episodes of the series. The port is kind of beta for now, several crash occur, the touchscreen does not seem to work, and the resolution is not optimized for Pandora. yeoldgrove is asking for help, and if you can help him, please do!

As a side note, we are very close to reaching the 1000 applications milestone in the repo. Currently at 996, but as you know this is a kind of fake number as they include the LibreOffice launchers I mentioned before, so realistically speaking we need probably another 15 to 20 new releases to reach the actual landmark. But it’s getting close, very close.

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