Weekly Software News Jan 27th to Feb 2nd


A relatively calm week on the repo, with several updates but few new releases. Let’s note that PtitSeb has released a nicely improved version of ZDoom, that Flashenv has been updated to become more practical to use and that Commander-Beef released a new frontend for the Atari 800 emulator.

Software Updates(12)

  • Non Session Manager: added QmidiArp, added support for latest Jack lib.
  • 3doh: a new version of this 3doh emulator, slightly faster than previously. You can now run Road Rash at solid 25 fps, while it’s not full speed yet.
  • Bristol: now compiled with Jack lib and jack-session support.
  • Courserian: updated with a few new features (now showing which courses you have already watched or not) and several bug fixes.
  • QMidiArp: compiled with Jack lib in this update.
  • ZynAddSubFX: this one also gets Jack lib! No reason to be jealous!
  • SunVox: updated to latest version which has tons of updates.
  • Flashenv: the flash games launcher now accepts mapping controls directly from the application itself (previously it was done through a config file).
  • GFMTSERFGJ: updated with some optimizations.
  • ZDoom: this releases makes it into the “Significant Improvement” category of the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition, and brings a new launcher for Pandora, along with nubs support, and Timidity support.
  • Pygrep: now supports regexp in the latest version.
  • KeePassX: a new release with libs included.

New Releases(2)

  • AZR-3: a tonewheel organ program. More audio awesomeness from Canseco.
  • Atari 800 EX: a new candidate for the “Significant Improvement” category of the Alive and Kicking Coding Competition, it brings a DOSBox Ultimate EX-like GUI for the Atari 800 emulator.

Pyra News

  • On a side note, the successor of the Pandora was unveiled with full details at the FOSDEM 2014, and you can read our article to find out what was disclosed and what we could see so far.

And don’t forget the ALive and Kicking Coding Competition is still on, and that you can submit your entries until the 15th of February !

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You forgot Guitarix as new release…

Anyway, no more updates or new releases until i finish post about audio apps, 😉

PD: I tried Pandian, similar OS as Pyra will use, only problem i found is snd-seq-midi module not loaded by default.